Is Bankruptcy Filing Possible Even If I Can’t Leave The House Due To Coronavirus?

  • Is Bankruptcy Filing Possible Even If I Can't Leave The House Due To Coronavirus?

Is Bankruptcy Filing Possible Even If I Can’t Leave The House Due To Coronavirus?

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Desperate times require desperate measures. Considering that the COVID-19 pandemic has made it difficult for people to step out, the rules for filing for bankruptcy have also been amended. Thanks to the temporarily changing of rules, many courts now allow bankruptcy lawyers to represent their quarantined clients. So, the primary step to getting a bankruptcy discharge is hiring an adequate bankruptcy lawyer. Since you cannot step out to look for one, you can ask your friends, neighbors, or family members for references.

You can also find a lawyer using the online directory or through the State Bar association pages. You can also call 888-297-6203 to know more about bankruptcy discharge in Dallas. Irrespective of the way through which you find an attorney, ensue that they have a provision  for phone or video conferencing. Apart from this, there should also be an online or drop box option for submitting and signing documents, and the availability for telephonic appearance at the 341 meeting of creditors.

Bankruptcy filing during Coronavirus outbreak

If you wish to file for bankruptcy while in quarantine, you need to have access to a computer, printer, and scanner to communicate with your lawyer and the court. Another option is to mail the documents. Access to technology is extremely important in such cases as you will be required to exchange bankruptcy-related documents virtually. Many lawyers provide the debtors with a link to a website where they can complete the bankruptcy-related questionnaire online and upload the required documents essential for the bankruptcy filing.

Completing credit counseling and financial education courses is an important and integral part of a bankruptcy discharge. You can complete these two courses online easily. You can meet with the bankruptcy lawyer virtually via video conferencing and discuss how to proceed with the procedure. Many bankruptcy courts have temporarily relaxed the rule of obtaining original signatures on the bankruptcy petition before filing it with the court. This is primarily to reduce the amount of contact and prevent the spreading of the virus. It is important to find out whether your local court has waived this requirement or not so that you can file your case online immediately.

The 341 creditors meeting is the only time when the debtor must appear in the bankruptcy court. Here the bankruptcy trustee checks the details and asks relevant questions pertaining to the petition. Unfortunately, in-person meetings have been stopped due to the current pandemic situation. Instead, the trustee holds these hearings telephonically, and you can manage that from your home. Though most courts have physically closed, many of them continue to operate. Your lawyer can provide details regarding these. A chapter 7 bankruptcy case usually ends up wiping all your debts which takes place in 3 to 4 months after the bankruptcy filing. In case of chapter 13 bankruptcy, once the court approves of your repayment plan at the confirmation hearing, you will be required to make the payments as per the agreed-upon schedule for three to five years.