How Can Credit Counseling Help?

  • How Can Credit Counseling Help?

How Can Credit Counseling Help?

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Credit counseling services are one of the very beneficial services that are often ignored and thought of as something of little value. However, it is important to note that sometimes it isn’t the circumstances or situations, but it is poor money management habits that need some supervision. If a pandemic or health misery or a sudden expense pops from nowhere, most of us will be in a tough situation. However, some situations tend to get worse due to irresponsible decision-making, uncontrolled spending, or incorrect/no saving habits.

What services are included in credit counseling?

You can avail a wide array of credit counseling services in Los Angeles, Dallas, TX by just logging on to the link Each service might be priced differently, and they might be a one-stop shop for all your credit counseling needs. The focus remains on ensuring how the situation can be addressed without a drastic step such as bankruptcy. Credit counseling is sort of a process that goes hand in hand with bankruptcy and the fee is very nominal, which can be adjusted or even paid in EMIs. A session within 180 days of filing for bankruptcy is always beneficial as it indicates to the court that efforts were made to evade bankruptcy.

Additional offerings

A credit counseling agency will firstly identify areas that require improvement, pattern some spending that can be avoided or reduced, and come up with a reasonable payment plan. They might also assist in negotiating with the lenders and arrive at a consolidation if the lenders agree. The whole process is a learning for the borrower, and he is expected to file the certificate issued by the credit counseling company along with the bankruptcy documents.


It is important to note that credit counseling can be done online or via phone as well and, in most circumstances, it might happen over the phone itself. There is a specific timeline before which the credit counseling must be completed. For instance, a pre-discharge debtor education course or similar approved course must be completed within 45 days of the lenders’ meeting when filing chapter 7. For chapter 13, the same should be completed before the last installment under the restructured payments plan or when the motion for discharge is presented in bankruptcy court.

Nonprofit credit counseling services

There are multiple nonprofit credit counseling agencies in the United States. These are approved by the authorized agencies and provide free-of-cost services for the needful. In case you need a professional end-to-end service to minimize your bankruptcy-related dilemmas, dial 888-297-6203 for trustworthy and professional advice.