Why Hiring A Bankruptcy Lawyer Is Important?

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Why Hiring A Bankruptcy Lawyer Is Important?

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Individuals filing for bankruptcy can do so without an attorney. However, doing so is not always advisable. This is because Chapter 7 involves the liquidation of your assets. In contrast, chapter 13 involves a repayment plan to save your non-exempt property. Neither of these two is straightforward enough to be handled independently without any legal expertise. A bankruptcy attorney can recognize potential problems in your bankruptcy case. As a result, it is important to seek bankruptcy attorney’s assistance.

Here is what a bankruptcy attorney can help you with:

  1. While bankruptcy is an excellent way to get rid of your debts, it might not be the best option available. The bankruptcy attorney can help you provide alternatives to get a fresh financial start.
  2. Though both Chapter 7 and chapter 13 help provide a fresh financial start, they have different purposes. The bankruptcy attorney can help you choose the correct chapter depending on your goals and your debt situation.
  3. The means test is used to determine whether you can qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy or not. A bankruptcy lawyer can help you understand where you stand concerning this test.
  4. While filing for bankruptcy, knowing the value of your property is important. The bankruptcy attorney can help you make sure that your assets are valued accurately so that you can know whether you can protect them or not in the bankruptcy filing
  5. Both state and federal law provide you with exemptions to protect your equity in the property when you file for bankruptcy. The bankruptcy lawyer can help you understand what those exemptions are and how to protect most of your assets.
  6. Filing for bankruptcy does not discharge all the debts. The lawyer can inform which debts are discharged and which survive your bankruptcy chapter. They can also help you if any creditor violates the automatic stay injunction enforced after filing for bankruptcy.
  7. Bankruptcy involves a lot of paperwork, and you need to provide accurate information to prevent any penalty for perjury. Your lawyer can help you determine what you can disclose, how to value your assets, determine your income and your reasonable and necessary expenses, etc. Your attorney can ensure that all your testimony is correct and true.
  8. The lawyer can explain to you the nuances of bankruptcy, including the role of the bankruptcy trustee and the judge. They will also inform you of the steps required to qualify for discharge.
  9. To protect your non-exempt property in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy case, the bankruptcy attorney can help you negotiate a reaffirmation agreement or help you redeem a loan with a secured creditor if you wish to keep your house or car. In a chapter 13 bankruptcy case, the attorney can help negotiate the payment terms with the creditors, the value of the collateral, and interest rates for an affordable repayment plan.
  10. If your circumstances change during a chapter 13 bankruptcy plan, the attorney can ask the court to make a temporary adjustment to the plan. They can even help you get an early discharge due to hardship.

Attorneys can help you to rebuild your credit after bankruptcy. They can help you resolve any post-bankruptcy discharge violations if a creditor tries to collect a debt wiped out by bankruptcy. Considering the various advantages of hiring a bankruptcy attorney, you must search for one if you intend to file for bankruptcy to get rid of your debts. Call 888-297-6203 to discuss your options while filing for bankruptcy with bankruptcy lawyers in Los Angeles.