The Timeline That You Will Need To Follow While You File For Bankruptcy Under Chapter 7

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The Timeline That You Will Need To Follow While You File For Bankruptcy Under Chapter 7

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In terms of information providing for chapter 7 bankruptcy, it is technical in terms but the process is straightforward. The process to file is almost the same everywhere but it might vary from state to state. Here are the stems that are common in most of the states.

  1. Consultation- You should first consult a good attorney presenting your financial status, the attorney will guide you through the process and tell you whether you need to go forward with chapter 7 or chapter 13. Sometimes the attorney may do so with no cost. For a good attorney in Los Angeles & Dallas, TX, contact Recovery law group-(888-297-6203).
  2. Appointing an attorney – Appoint your attorney and make the first payment, many allow you to do so in installments.
  3. Submit your paperwork and Documents – Collect all the paperwork your attorney will tell you to. It will help you in filing your case smoothly. This will also reduce all kinds of last-minute headaches.
  4. Credit counseling course- Before filing for your case, the court requires you to take a 90-minute credit counseling course which can be done online. Your case must be filed within 180 days after taking the credit counseling course, so might want to take the appointment cautiously, after planning. The fee for the credit counseling course is approx. $15.
  5. Case preparation starts- Your attorney should start working on the case to file after you turn in your paperwork. They might ask you questions about your financial status and income to make sure that your file is strong and has all relevant data.
  6. Reviewing and filing- After reviewing everything that is there on the file, you will need to sign it and it will be ready to file, at this time all your foreclosure, lawsuits, and collections will be put on hold.
  7. 341 Meeting of Creditors – This meeting takes place 1 month after filing the case where mostly no judge nor jury will is there. It mostly takes around 5-10 minutes only, with a trustee who will ask you a few basic questions regarding the documents submitted along with your plan of action after filing for bankruptcy. Your attorney should prepare you for it.
  8. Debtor education class should be taken- Before your debts are discharged, the court requires you to take a financial management class, it takes about 90 minutes and can be done online.
  9. Debts are discharged- After your 341 creditors meeting and financial management class, all your debts are discharged in about 60 days. Here certain debts like a student loan, alimony or child support, fees owned to the government, payments of criminal acts are not discharged.
  10.  Trustee Case Administration- In chapter 7, you essentially sell your assets to a trustee who in return sells them and distribute the funds among the creditors. Your attorney should help you to keep as many as assets possible and it should start just after the 341 meeting of your case and end after your trustee ends his work.

The case will be Closed

Your liquidation case will close within 30 days after the 341 Meeting, but not before the Trustee finishes the case administration. Once the class is closed, you can enjoy your new start.