Finding An Insolvency Lawyer In Maricopa, Arizona Can Be Easy With The Assistance

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Finding An Insolvency Lawyer In Maricopa, Arizona Can Be Easy With The Assistance

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Constant arguments with your better half can build up stress in your life which can result in sleepless nights. Most of the time arguments are due to money problems. If you are unable to pay your debts, you might end up losing your home, car, or other property due to repossession or foreclosure. This might affect your family life as well as your kid’s future. If that is the situation, you need to take charge and look for an experienced bankruptcy lawyer in Maricopa, Arizona who specializes in debt consolidation and bankruptcy.

Find out more about bankruptcy lawyers in Maricopa, Arizona by doing research

There are several bankruptcy lawyers working in Maricopa, Arizona, but finding one amongst many can be equivalent to finding a needle in a haystack. What you need is to shortlist bankruptcy attorneys before finalizing one who would represent you in your case. To do this you need to ask your family, friends, and other associates including any lawyer you had hired previously for bankruptcy lawyer referrals. You could also look up the US Bar Association list to find lawyers along with their specialization and ZIP codes. This would considerably narrow down the list of prospective lawyers. However, while looking for a bankruptcy lawyer you need to mention if you are fearing repossession or foreclosure on your property. Also, do not forget to ask the personal experience of the individuals in dealing with the lawyer. You can also check out the results, client reviews, and testimonials online.

Difference between chapter 7 and chapter 13

Personal insolvency can be filed under Chapter 7 or chapter 13. While the former involves no repayment of debts, some of the non-exempt property might be liquidated in this case. In the latter chapter, a repayment plan is developed based on your disposable income by your lawyer. Once the Maricopa, Arizona bankruptcy court approves it, you can start paying your creditors through it.

Filing for bankruptcy in Maricopa, Arizona might cost this much…

One major factor while hiring a lawyer is finding out whether you can afford them or not. This can be done by asking for quotations from various shortlisted firms for a case like yours. Since there is no fixed fee that attorneys ask for handling bankruptcy cases, this would give you an idea of how much you would have to pay the lawyer to get your debts discharged. On an average, chapter 13 bankruptcy may cost you around $2000 in attorney fees. These charges vary depending on the state, city, court, and bankruptcy chapter you are filing under. Apart from the lawyer’s fee, you also need to pay for court and consulting charges.

Initial discovery meeting

Once you have reduced the number of shortlisted bankruptcy lawyers based on experience, personal recommendations, positive outcomes, and their fees, it is time to meet them in person. Most law firms offer a discovery meeting free of cost, which can be used to find out more information about the working of the lawyer as well as the bankruptcy laws. Take time out to prepare a questionnaire and get answers to all of them during your discovery meeting. Also, find out about the paralegals as they might be handling a major portion of your case. Do remember that you are under no obligation to hire the lawyer based on the discovery meeting. If you are satisfied at the end of the meeting, you can ask for the contract to be drafted, else you can move to the next name on your list.

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