You Can Get Debt Relief When You Hire An Individual Bankruptcy Lawyer In Tucson, Arizona

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You Can Get Debt Relief When You Hire An Individual Bankruptcy Lawyer In Tucson, Arizona

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If the constant squabbles you are having with your spouse are due to money problems, you need to take stock. Are you spending more than usual? Are you earning less than earlier? Are you wasting money unnecessarily or are you under heavy debt? If you have been falling behind on your debt payments, you are in more trouble than you thought. There are chances that you might end up losing your home, car or other possessions to creditors. If you do not want this to happen, you need to look for experienced bankruptcy lawyers in Tucson, Arizona.

Research is the key to shortlist bankruptcy lawyers in Tucson, Arizona

Since you are fearing repossession or foreclosure, you need to find lawyers who have an experience of handling personal insolvency and debt consolidation cases. Lawyers with a proven history of successfully handling similar cases are welcome. Do not forget to check your contacts and acquaintances for recommendations. To do that, you need a checklist of criteria essential in the lawyer you are looking for. Match the recommendations with the checklist and do not forget to cross-check the attorney’s track record on and offline. You can also take help from another attorney for a bankruptcy lawyer’s recommendation. Alternately, you can also rely on online and local directories to provide you the details of Tucson bankruptcy lawyers.

Distinguishing between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy

Personal bankruptcy can be filed under Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. In the former case, no payments are required, only your non-exempt property is liquidated to repay some amount to the creditors. In the case of the latter, a repayment strategy is developed by your lawyer for the court’s approval. The instalments will be paid from your disposable income.

Cost of bankruptcy in Tucson, Arizona

There is no fixed cost for each bankruptcy chapter and the law firms charge varying amounts too. To get a better idea of what the lawyers will charge for a case like yours, you need to get as many quotes as possible from the shortlisted firms. The courts too charge varying fees. Depending on which state you reside in, the bankruptcy fee may vary. For a chapter 13 case, you might be charged around $2000 in lawyer’s fee. Apart from this, you also need to pay for court and counseling charges.

What to expect during the discovery meeting?

Now that you have shortlisted the legal representatives based on legal qualification, experience, affordability, and the need for discretion and sensitivity, you need to meet them in person to check whether they are ideal for you. Several law firms offer a complimentary discovery meeting. You need to use this opportunity to know more about the lawyer and the process. Do not forget to have a list of questions to be addressed during this meeting. Getting a response to all of them would be ideal as it would give you an idea of the functioning of the lawyer as well as their legal expertise.

Use this meeting to find out about the names and positions of people you will be dealing with regularly. Also find out whether the paralegals understand the basics of insolvency laws, its various chapters, and your case. Know and understand your rights as a customer. You are under no obligation to hire the lawyers based on the discovery meeting. If you feel the lawyer has time for your case, is sensitive to your situation and you are comfortable with them, you can sign the contract.

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