What To Do If You Want To Get Rid Of Your Debts In Phoenix City, Alabama?

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What To Do If You Want To Get Rid Of Your Debts In Phoenix City, Alabama?

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If regular cash flow is an issue which is causing stress in your house and anxiety in your life, then you need help from professionals otherwise you might end up losing your vehicle, home, and other possessions. Not only can this cause you immense strain but can also tear your family apart. A person who is unable to provide for their spouse or kids is most likely to be considered a failure and life. This is something that you do not want for yourself or your loved ones. Thus, you need to find an experience personal bankruptcy attorney in Phoenix City, Alabama.

Research is the key to successfully finding a bankruptcy attorney in Phoenix City Alabama

Apart from the law firm’s legal credentials, there are other factors which play an important role too. Having someone you know (family, friends, or business contacts) to vouch for the lawyers’ accomplishments can be a great help. You can use the internet to search for client reviews and testimonials as well as get a look at their professional records to know whether they are worthy of shortlisting or not. In case you fear foreclosure or repossession do not forget to mention it while looking for a bankruptcy lawyer. You could also ask for recommendations for insolvency or financial legal representative from a lawyer you had previously worked with. Online directory sites of US regional Bar Association can also provide you with names of bankruptcy lawyers near you.

Difference between chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcy

  • Chapter 7 typically does not involve any payment except for liquidation of some non-exempt property.
  • Chapter 13 involves a payment strategy which is developed by your lawyer for the court’s approval. Once approved, you end up repaying your creditors from your monthly salary.

Cost of filing bankruptcy in Phoenix City, Alabama

Different bankruptcy chapters have different fee structure. Even the law firms charge different amount depending on your case and the chapter of bankruptcy you file in. Since you are already struggling with debts, knowing what the lawyers will charge you is important. Thus, you are suggested to get as many quotes as possible from the shortlisted lawyers to know whether you can afford them or not.

The bankruptcy fee differs from one state to another. Approximately, a chapter 13 personal bankruptcy will cost you around $2000 in lawyer fee apart from court expenses and counselling charges. If you opt for a monthly payment plan, the lawyer’s fees will not amount to a large amount.

Preparing for discovery meeting

Since now you have a basic idea of what is in store in the coming months, it is time to gather detailed information. Most law firms provide a discovery meeting free of charge where you can personally meet the lawyers and discuss the intricacies of your case. It is also an excellent time to assess whether the lawyer you have shortlisted is ideal to handle your case or not. No doubt most of them are exceptionally qualified and even affordable, however, apart from these qualities you are also looking for sensitivity regarding your situation and discretion as you will be discussing your personal finances with them. Having an efficient and knowledgeable team of paralegals who are well versed with your case is an added advantage. If your discovery meeting goes well, go ahead, and sign the contract; if not, remember not to be railroaded into hiring them.

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