Try These Techniques To Hire A Consumer Bankruptcy Lawyer In Prescott, Arizona

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Try These Techniques To Hire A Consumer Bankruptcy Lawyer In Prescott, Arizona

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Constant bickering with your spouse, endless fear of the creditors, along with the uncertainty of your future can cause you sleepless nights. If you are familiar with the situation, you need to seek professional help. The situation could be worse if you fear to lose your vehicle, home, or other possessions to foreclosure or repossession. Though the future might look grim now, everything is not lost. An excellent local law firm in Prescott, Arizona that specializes in personal bankruptcy or debt consolidation can be the game-changer for you. If you wish to find an experienced bankruptcy lawyer, use these techniques…

Researching local law firms is the key to a successful bankruptcy discharge

Bankruptcy laws differ from one state to another and so do the exemptions provided by the state. Thus, it is recommended to search for a local insolvency law firm when it comes to handling bankruptcy cases. However, there is no dearth of law firms in Prescott, Arizona. Thus, finding one might be difficult unless you ask around. It is possible that someone in your friend list or a family member might have hired the services of a bankruptcy lawyer. You could ask them whether they handled repossession/foreclosure cases properly, how was their experience dealing with the lawyer. You could check for the client reviews and testimonials as well as their experience using the internet.

In case you had previously hired the services of any other attorney, you could ask them for bankruptcy lawyer referrals too. The US bar association list can be used to look for attorneys near you as they list attorneys with their specialization and ZIP codes.

Different insolvency chapters

Personal bankruptcy filers can file for bankruptcy under the following 2 chapters:

  • Chapter 7 (Liquidation bankruptcy) – You do not have to pay anything in this case, however, some of your non-exempt property might be liquidated to repay some amount to your creditors.
  • Chapter 13 (Wage Earner’s plan) – A repayment plan is developed by your lawyer for Prescott bankruptcy court’s approval. Through this plan, your creditors are repaid over 3-5 years.

How much can bankruptcy filing cost you in Prescott, Arizona?

The law firms charge varying amounts for handling bankruptcy cases. This cost can depend on the bankruptcy chapter you qualify for and whether your case is basic or complicated. This is apart from the fee variation that is found in court, city, and state. Thus, it is important to get as many quotes as possible from the recommended lawyers to know whether you can afford them or not. A chapter 13 bankruptcy might cost you around $2000 in attorney fees. Apart from this, you also need to pay for court and therapy charges.

Meeting potential lawyers

Your first meeting with the lawyers is free of charge and thus you should make the most use of this time to find out whether you can trust the lawyer with your family’s financial problems or not. The lawyers you have shortlisted are all experienced, with an excellent track record, affordable, and come highly recommended by friends or contacts. However, to choose one from the list, you need to find out whether they are the best for you or not.

Find out the time taken by the lawyer to return your call, or the time you would need to get an appointment with them. Get to know more about the paralegals of the firm and their competence with respect to bankruptcy chapters. Know your rights and do not be forced to sign the contract unless you are sure about it.

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