Decline in the Rate of Filed Bankruptcies

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The Decline in Chapter 11 Filings

There is certainly a vivid decline in the rate of filed bankruptcies for business across the entire United States. Bankruptcies are commonly filed by only small businesses that have annual revenue of 2.5 million or less. These small business organizations generally approach the courts for their tougher conditions towards the business operations. Only a few states such as Illinois witnessed Chapter 11 filings demonstrating a gain in 2014. The increase was close to 6 percent at the end of the first quarter of 2014. This increase has been majorly contributed by large casinos in Illinois such as Harrahs, Showboat, Caesars, and Horseshoe. These casinos have filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcies in the Northern District of Illinois.

This situation has been assessed by economists and they cite a few reasons for this declining trend. The lower interest rates associated with business loans have urged the businessmen to borrow more but these businesses that underwent financial struggles have already closed in the year 2007 when the recession was seen. Another reason is that the filing of bankruptcy is generally a costly affair and hence businesses start looking for other alternatives to solve their debt issues.

There is a forecast for the increase of Chapter 11 filings in the coming days as there has been a rise in the interest rates of business loans and some of the already issued ones, like the ones of 2009 are very soon due. So if there is a business that is yielding good revenue yet experiencing financial difficulties and battles paying their dues, then filing for business bankruptcy is a viable choice. By working towards the restructuring of debts, the business can get the financial relief that is needed and can be brought on its track with better control.

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