How To Find A Personal Bankruptcy Lawyer In Anchorage, Alaska?

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How To Find A Personal Bankruptcy Lawyer In Anchorage, Alaska?

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If you are having cashflow problems in the house and are unable to sleep at night because of this, you need help from professionals. Apart from losing your peace of mind, you are also in danger of losing your car, house, and other possessions. What is more, the future of your family and your kids is also at stake. Instead of stressing, take a deep breath and use the time wisely to find a personal bankruptcy law firm in Anchorage, Alaskaso that you can get rid of your debts.

What is the best way of doing research for bankruptcy lawyers in Anchorage, Alaska?

While looking for a lawyer it is important that you search for local bankruptcy law firms in Anchorage, Alaskaas laws differ from state to state. Additionally, the lawyer must have a favourable record of dealing with individual bankruptcy cases. In case you fear foreclosure or repossession, look for those lawyers who have specialized in handling such cases. You can start by asking your family members and friends for references. Do not forget to ask for their experience regarding the lawyer’s behaviour and the outcome of the case.

If you have previously hired the services of any legal representative, you could ask them for a reference for bankruptcy attorneys since they are likely to know somebody, being in the same profession. US Bar Association list is also an excellent source to find bankruptcy attorneys in Anchorage, Alaska. Since attorneys are listed here along with their ZIP codes, you can easily find one near you.

The distinction between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy

Personal bankruptcy can be filed under chapter 7 or chapter 13. In the case of former, some of your non-exempt property might be liquidated to pay back your creditors. Apart from this, you do not need to pay for anything else. In case of latter, a repayment plan is developed by your bankruptcy lawyer based on your disposable income for Anchorage, Alaska bankruptcy court’s approval.

What factors influence the cost of bankruptcy in Anchorage, Alaska?

The cost of bankruptcy is not fixed. The various factors on which the cost depends include:

  • The court you are filing in,
  • The chapter of bankruptcy you are eligible for,
  • The city and state you are filing bankruptcy in,
  • Whether your case involves repossession or foreclosure

It is therefore important that you ask for quotes from different law firms for a case like yours. Apart from the lawyer’s fee you also need to pay for court and counselling charges. On an average, a chapter 13 bankruptcy case can cost you $2000 in attorney charges.

How to utilize your discovery meeting?

Once you have narrowed down the list of lawyers based on experience, result, and your budget, it is time to meet them. The preliminary meeting is free of cost and is the ideal time to get a better understanding of the lawyer and their process. Since it is an important step, being prepared can help you immensely. Find out whether the lawyer has time for your case. If not, then who will be handling your case, and what is their knowledge with respect to bankruptcy laws and your case? What is the average waiting time after taking an appointment to get an audience with the lawyer?

Remember your rights as an individual. Despite being bamboozled at the law firm, you are under no compulsion to hire them unless you are completely satisfied with the process. In that case go ahead and sign the contract to begin the process.

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