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Get Bankruptcy Relief in California

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Looking for bankruptcy relief in The Golden State? If so, connect with a trusted bankruptcy attorney in California. And when it comes to filing bankruptcy in California, it comes down to our legal team at Wajda & Associates.

Our legal team has the expertise in guiding clients like you through the entire bankruptcy-filing procedure. That is how we take concrete steps toward eliminating not only your financial burden but also your stress.

Whether you’re looking for relief from an unsecured debt or a secured one, we can help. We can even stop any kind of creditor harassments. We will not just make the creditors stop calling and harassing you. But if they continue doing that, we will take legal actions on your behalf; these actions usually include collecting damages should the creditors violate any law while collecting a debt from you.

Should you file for bankruptcy?

Remember, filing for bankruptcy needs to be your decision. Never let any outsider force you into making such a decision if it does not make any sense. What is more? Nearly a million businesses or people file bankruptcy every year in the US, so it is a well-trodden legal landscape.
Moreover, Bankruptcy laws such as Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 were established by the US government for helping struggling Americans get relief from both secured and unsecured debts. If you are one such American who is fighting to pay off an overwhelming debt, then consider bankruptcy as an option.

Our solutions

We rely on two robust legal models that are designed for letting you get relief from bankruptcy. These legal models are Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. If you are looking for a structured repayment of the debt, we will analyze the legal landscape provided by Chapter 13. If, however, you are looking to completely wipe off your debt, then Chapter 7’s provisions need to be sought.

As a debtor, whether you seek Chapter 13 bankruptcy in California or Chapter 7 bankruptcy, we will be your go-to legal partner in any case.
What else? Besides offering Chapter 13 and Chapter 7 bankruptcy in California, we even make sure that creditor harassments stop out and out. These harassments generally include letters, phone calls, eviction, judgment, foreclosure, wage garnishment, and more. For more details regarding our legal solutions and expertise, visit

Why should you hire us?

• We bring immediate access to quality legal advice for eliminating your debt.
• Experience 24/7 hassle-free communication anytime, anywhere from us.
• We have a jargon-free process that is easy to follow.
• We have a range of plans for suiting your budget.

For receiving free bankruptcy consultation in California, call 1-888-297-6203 or for more details. Choose our affordable bankruptcy solutions in California and start walking on the road to financial freedom.

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