Rebuild Your Credit

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Effect of Bankruptcy on Credit

The effect of filing bankruptcy will remain on your record of credit for a period of ten years. But there is nothing to panic, as this statement doesn’t conclude that you will not be able to further get any debts or finances. In effect, the bankruptcy filing will not be the end of your credit journey.

A new start to your financial status

Eliminating the debts through the filing of a bankruptcy will give you the provision to start afresh and start saving too! Routine household expenses of groceries, clothing needs and automobile needs can now be accomplished using the money at hand instead of a credit.

Remember that prior to the bankruptcy, you have been paying your dues late or in adverse conditions, not paying them. In those circumstances, no one may be willing to give you further credit and that too at a reasonable interest rate. The situation might have gone out of control and may need the gathering back of your financial status.

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