Can You Save Your Vehicle in Bankruptcy?

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Can You Save Your Vehicle in Bankruptcy?

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Filing for bankruptcy is probably the last resort people opt for concerning the ill effects it has on a person’s credit score. Even after they have decided that bankruptcy is probably the only way, they can get rid of the huge mountain of debt that has been crushing them for a long time, their major concern is that they might end up losing their property. Well, Dallas based bankruptcy law firm Recovery Law Group, informs that losing property during bankruptcy is not a common occurrence. With various exemptions in place, people can protect their property.

Fear of losing property despite opting for bankruptcy can be an awful streak of bad luck. People are majorly concerned about saving their house and their vehicle as living without either seems next to impossible. A vehicle is no longer a luxury but a necessary item if you wish to save time on commuting. The amount of assets you can save depends on which chapter of bankruptcy you file under. Different exemptions are available for assets of people in different bankruptcy chapters. Secured debts such as vehicle loan can be reserved through other options also. These include debt redemption, debt reaffirmation or surrendering the asset. If you are up to date on your car payments, you can opt for debt reaffirmation or redeem the debt. If, however, you feel you do not need the vehicle, you can surrender it. Since these choices can be quite confusing for a person facing an immense burden of debt, it is advised that you consult with experienced attorneys Dallas regarding it. You can schedule an appointment with a bankruptcy lawyer by calling 888-297-6023.