Get Credit After Bankruptcy

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Can You Get Credit After Bankruptcy?

People who are undergoing severe financial crisis often abhor the idea of bankruptcy. This can be due to various myths associated with it such as it hampers your credit rating forever, you will lose all your possessions, etc. These myths can be quite a deterrent for people considering bankruptcy as an option for getting out of the financial mess. According to Dallas based law firm, bankruptcy actually gives people a chance to improve their credit score. More often than not, it has been observed that credit score just prior to the bankruptcy filing and one year after debts are discharged is markedly improved. It is important to note that there is a negative impact on your credit score in the initial bankruptcy filing days. However, steps can be taken to rebuild your credit score for a better future.

Rebuilding credit requires both time and effort on your part. It is to be remembered that you need to have patience as a credit rating will improve with positive steps in due course of time. Here are a few steps that can help improve your credit rating:

  • Stick to a budget – More often than not, spending beyond your means is the reason why people are in debt most of the times. If you wish to rebuild your credit, you need to stick to a strict budget which caters to essentials like housing, food, utilities, transport, and medical expenses.
  • Pay on time – One of the major steps to rebuilding your credit is to make bill payments on time. If you have a habit of forgetting, set a schedule, make reminders or set up automatic payment for bills before the due date.
  • Get a secured credit card – Secured credit cards are similar to debit cards, wherein you pay the money beforehand. This way you can avoid overspending. The payments made are reported to credit agencies which help in improving your credit score over a period of time.
  • Get gas or retail card – Since you but gas to commute, it is a necessary expenditure. Thus having a gas card is a smart move. A retail card might seem risky, but it is an important way to show credit bureaus your responsibility in handling money.

A person with a bankruptcy record is often not trusted, but making conscious efforts such as those mentioned above can go a long way in rebuilding your credit score. Bankruptcy lawyers can help you get rid of debts and you can initiate the process of credit rebuilding by avoiding any bad money practices and thereby improving your ratings with the 3 main credit bureaus. Take the help of seasoned bankruptcy lawyers to get past the hurdle of bankruptcy and emerge successful.