Can Bad Financial Situation Lead to Depression?

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Can Bad Financial Situation Lead to Depression?

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A huge amount of debts can send anyone in a tizzy. For people who do not take stress over things which they cannot control, things are manageable. However, those people who are constantly worrying about financial security, filing for bankruptcy can be a tipping point. Dallas based bankruptcy law firm Recovery Law Group has seen many clients (who had filed for bankruptcy) go through phases of depression. Low self-esteem and other negative effects on mental health have been observed in many bankruptcy filers. It is very important to seek guidance from professionals if you are facing mental stress due to your bad financial situation. Many people are unaware of the symptoms of depression. You should consult with a professional counselor Dallas if you can identify and relate with any of these symptoms:

  • Feeling sad, hopeless, worthless and in despair most of the time;
  • Feeling bogged down with no wish to leave the bed, wanting to sleep all the time;
  • Not taking any interest in favorite activities and hobbies;
  • Feeling hungry always or simply not in the mood to eat at all;
  • Easily provoked at minor instances and feeling irritable almost always;
  • The tendency for self-harm or violence increases.

Being tired because of a hectic week at the office is different than one in case of mental health problems. If any of the symptoms mentioned above feels familiar, it is vital that you consult experienced mental health professionals. Once the diagnosis is done, treatment is not that difficult.

What to do if the bad financial condition is affecting your mental health?

Money can influence your state of mind. If your financial condition is the root cause of your depression, there is help available. People who suffer from depression and anxiety because of their financial problems can take the following steps for better mental health as well as improving their financial situation:

  1. Opt for counseling sessions with experienced mental health professionals.
  2. Talk to people who are close to you (such as family or friends) and understand you, regarding what you are going through.
  3. Look for feasible debt relief options like debt reconsolidation, debt settlement, etc.
  4. Hire an experienced bankruptcy lawyer for your case. In case you would like a consultation, you can call 888-297-6023 to schedule an appointment.

If you feel your finances slipping through your hands and as a result of it you are feeling emotionally vulnerable, it is important to stay calm and consult professionals for financial security and mental health.