Avoid Making These Mistakes During Bankruptcy Filing

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Avoid Making These Mistakes During Bankruptcy Filing

A common man does not always think of preparing for the worst. Therefore, many people are often at their wit’s end when difficult financial situation plagues them. Though bankruptcy is the best option to get rid of unsurmountable debts, Dallas based bankruptcy law firm https://bankruptcy.recoverylawgroup.com/ confirm people are often unaware of what they should or shouldn’t do when filing for bankruptcy. Having an adept bankruptcy attorney by your side can be an asset during tough financial times. Contact 888-297-6023and consult with the best legal minds to know what to do prior to a bankruptcy filing.

It is very important to keep in mind to avoid doing the following if you are thinking of filing for bankruptcy:

  • Transferring assets (money or property)

If you are thinking of filing for bankruptcy, it is important that you do not transfer any money or property to relative or friend. Anything and everything you own becomes a part of your bankruptcy estate. The trustee assigned to your case goes through all the documents with a fine comb. Such transfers of assets are considered means of hiding so that the property could not be included in your bankruptcy estate; especially if you give it for free, or at less than the fair market rate, or within a stipulated time frame. If the court feels that you have been hiding assets, it will get them back when you file for bankruptcy. You can make use of various federal and state exemptions to protect your property instead of opting for transferring it.

  • Being selective while paying creditors

Having a proper payment schedule prior to a bankruptcy filing is important. if the court finds evidence that you have made payments to some creditors while ignoring others, your chances of the bankruptcy case are ruined. Moreover, you could be facing lawsuits from other creditors. Bankruptcy trustee also has the right to sue those creditors who seem to have benefited from preferential payments. All of this can add to your financial woes.

  • Unaware of your income sources

It is important to have a record of all your income as this forms an integral part of your bankruptcy filing Dallas. Your business and personal account should be separate for clarity of income and expenditure. If you are aware of your income sources and can provide proof supporting your statements, you won’t have much issue during bankruptcy.