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What to Expect While working with a Bankruptcy Attorney?

Financial issues can be quite demanding and confusing at the same time. Though the law does not require that you be represented by a lawyer while filing for bankruptcy, it is often advised to do so. The reason for this is that bankruptcy petition filing or a 341 hearing is much more complex than just filling out a few forms. There is a lot more that a bankruptcy lawyer can help you with. Here’s looking at some of the advantages that having a bankruptcy lawyer brings to the case:

  • Help determine which chapter of bankruptcy will suit your individual circumstances best.
  • Assessing your financial condition to determine whether you can pass the means test in the case of Chapter 7 bankruptcy.
  • Ensuring that your exempted property is protected.
  • Keeping sure that you haven’t waived off any rights involuntarily.
  • Assessing which debts should be disputed.
  • Determining any possible claims against creditors.
  • Making you aware of your options with respect to secured debts and any non-exempt property.
  • Taking care of communicating every detail of the proceedings to your creditors.
  • Help prepare you as well as accompany you to meetings with creditors.
  • Any objection filed to your bankruptcy by creditors is represented and handled by them.
  • They file a motion for relief from the automatic stay and any other similar pleadings by creditors.
  • They help enforce your discharge order so that you are able to enjoy full benefits for a fresh start.

Considering the various advantages that having a bankruptcy attorney can have on your case, it is important that you make a wise decision regarding this. Many times, cases filed without an attorney are more likely to be dismissed due to lack of proper documentation or any other reason. Instead of cutting corners at such a time, when you are financially struggling, you must consult with the best to get out of this sticky wicket.