What to Do if You Receive a Bankruptcy Summon?

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What to Do if You Receive a Bankruptcy Summon?

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Once you file for bankruptcy, you will end up receiving many different types of summons including foreclosure. While filing for bankruptcy, you have the option of either surrendering your home or retaining it. If you decide to keep your home, you need to continue making payments on your mortgage. However, if you surrender the home and get a bankruptcy discharge, it is not necessary that all your liabilities end. Surrendering the home in bankruptcy takes care of only the financial part, say lawyers of Los Angeles based bankruptcy law firm Recovery Law Group. The deed of your home is still in your name and unless it is transferred, the bank cannot legally possess the property. Mere legal possession of the property without any monetary damages is termed as in rem foreclosure. Unless the summon received involves financial damages, you can ignore bankruptcy summon. They could have been sent incorrectly or because you are still the owner of the property on paper.

If the bankruptcy summons is for credit card debt or another debt that had been supposedly discharged in bankruptcy, you need to inform that the concerned debt was part of bankruptcy, was listed in the bankruptcy schedule and was discharged. After notifying that the debt was discharged, the bankruptcy summons should be dismissed. In case you are unsure of the lawsuit, or the debt inclusion and discharge in bankruptcy, you should consult bankruptcy lawyers. Experienced lawyers at 888-297-6023 can help you review the summon and address the issue appropriately.