What To Do If You Are Looking For A Bankruptcy Lawyer In Mesa, Arizona?

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What To Do If You Are Looking For A Bankruptcy Lawyer In Mesa, Arizona?

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Battling the stress of the huge mountain of debts can put anybody under a lot of anxiety. A shortage of money can curtail your family’s current requirements as well as your child’s bright future. You could also end up losing your home car or other property due to foreclosure or repossession. However, instead of losing heart, you need to find ways to overcome your debts. An experienced bankruptcy law firm in Mesa, Arizona can help you get rid of your debts through either debt consolidation or bankruptcy.

Investigate individual bankruptcy lawyers in Mesa, Arizona

Before you hire any lawyer, it is important that you investigate them thoroughly. Hiring a local lawyer is recommended over an experienced but outstation one. This is because like most laws bankruptcy laws also vary from state to state. However, finding a good bankruptcy lawyer is easier said than done. The best way to shortlist eligible candidates is by asking your close friends, family members, and other associates for references. Alternatively, you could also consult your friend’s divorce attorney for bankruptcy lawyer referrals. The US Bar Association list provides you the name of attorneys along with their specialization and ZIP codes so that you could easily find one near you. Whatever your source of bankruptcy lawyer names, you need to cross-check the lawyer’s expertise, experience, and results through client testimonials and reviews either online or offline.

Learn the difference between various insolvency chapters

Personal insolvency can be filed under two chapters:

Chapter 7 – In this case you do not need to pay anything to get your debts discharged. However, some of your non-exempt property might be liquidated and the proceeds handed over to your creditors.

Chapter 13 – In this case, a repayment plan is developed by your lawyer for Mesa, Arizona bankruptcy court approval. Once approved, your creditors are paid using your disposable income.

You can get to know the details of these two chapters during your discovery meeting

Cost of filing bankruptcy in Mesa, Arizona

It is important that you do not settle for the first quote you get from the lawyer. This is because there is no fixed fee for filing bankruptcy. The lawyers charge varying amounts depending on the state, city, court, and chapter of bankruptcy you are filing under. If your case involves foreclosure or repossession, the charges might be higher. On an average you need to keep around $2000 for a chapter 13 bankruptcy case. Additional charges include court and counseling fees.

Shortlisting your lawyers

Once the number of your shortlisted lawyers have been reduced considerably based on experience, result, and affordability of the lawyer, you need to make the best of your discovery meeting offered free of cost by most law firms. You can use this meeting to find out more about the different bankruptcy chapters, what happens during a bankruptcy case, whether bankruptcy is the best option for you instead of debt consolidation etc.

It is also important to find out the names and contact details of other individuals who will be working on your case. Their knowledge of bankruptcy laws and its various chapters is equally important. Also, find out whether the lawyer has time enough to devote to your case. It is important not to be pressurized into hiring an attorney based on the discovery meeting unless you are satisfied. If you are satisfied with the discovery meeting you can go ahead and hire the attorney, else move to the next name on the list.

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