What is ORAP?

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What is ORAP?

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Filing for bankruptcy to get rid of your debts can make you aware of several legal terms previously unknown to you. When you choose to file for bankruptcy, you have probably run out of options to stop creditors from collecting their amount. ORAP is a procedure which is known to be quite helpful during bankruptcy proceedings, especially to your creditors. ORAP is called order for appearance and examination of judgment debtor. According to Los Angeles based bankruptcy law firm Recovery Law Group, ORAP requires that the debtor appears in the court in order to answer questions pertaining to the availability of their assets to pay for the judgment. When ORAP is put in place, an automatic lien against all your personal property is placed for a duration of one year.

This can be problematic to some extent, especially if you are going to declare bankruptcy. ORAP is a form of action which any potential creditor can take against you. In case you find yourself in deep debt, you should file for bankruptcy by consulting best lawyers. If you wish to seek counsel from qualified bankruptcy lawyers, you can call 888-297-6023. While discussing your case, it is vital that you discuss all your creditors as well as ORAP and its effect. Bankruptcy lawyers Los Angeles can help you get out of the tricky financial situation and offer feasible debt relief options for you to get a fresh financial start.