What Effect Does Bankruptcy Have on Your Credit?

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What Effect Does Bankruptcy Have on Your Credit?

A bankruptcy filing is a tough decision and can often be quite intimidating. Many people fear the worst; ruining their credit history. However, say Dallas based bankruptcy law firm Recovery Law Group, the process is hyped to be more daunting than it is. However, having a bankruptcy lawyers by your side can ease things for you. Contact at 888-297-6023 to clear your doubts about how to improve your credit chances after bankruptcy.

It is important for people to understand that the ill effect of bankruptcy does not last forever. Many people who file for bankruptcy already have a bad credit score, so filing for bankruptcy is not going to make much change to their credit score. However, for people who have had a good credit rating, their credit score might take some time to get back. After bankruptcy, you can start with a clean financial slate and with regular and timely payments you can bounce back in no time. Though bankruptcy stays on your credit report for up to 10 years, your credit can bounce back with continuous efforts.

After bankruptcy, you get numerous benefits associated with a fresh financial start. The situation varies with people having a differing initial score.

  • Starting with a good score

When you have good credit and yet end up filing for bankruptcy, the fall in credit score is more drastic in such cases. However, since most of the individuals are financially savvy, they can work hard and improve the credit rating within a few months of getting their bankruptcy discharged.

  • Starting with a bad score

 People with low credit rating do not suffer much from the hit bankruptcy has on the credit rating. Since there is no place lower to go, you can only improve your credit rating after a bankruptcy discharge. Bankruptcy is ideal for such candidates and they can manage their finances better in the future.

One of the major myths surrounding bankruptcy is that you can never recover from the hit bankruptcy takes on your credit score. However, it is a misconception as bankruptcy is a means to get a clean slate. Though the effect is not seen immediately, in the long run you can rebuild your credit after filing for bankruptcy. Having an experienced lawyer Dallas can help you get through financial problems with ease for a brighter and secure financial future.