What Documents Are Required for Creditor’s Meeting?

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What Documents Are Required for Creditor’s Meeting?

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Once you file for bankruptcy (whether Chapter 7 or chapter 13) a creditor’s meeting takes place. During the meeting, also known as 341 hearing, bankruptcy trustee examines you under oath regarding your bankruptcy papers. You are required to bring essential documents related to your bankruptcy petition and schedules.

During the 341 meeting, the trustee is responsible for verifying your identity as well as the information provided by you in the bankruptcy papers. Thus, you are required to bring documents that prove your identity as well as the financial information provided by you in the bankruptcy petition. Usually, you are required to submit the essential documents to the trustee prior to the 341 hearing. These documents include the latest federal income tax return documents and others depending on the rules in your state. However, despite submitting the documents beforehand, you need to bring them for the hearing also.

Which documents can confirm your identity?

Considering that identity theft is a big issue, the bankruptcy trustee might require documents that prove that you are the person filing the bankruptcy papers. To verify that, you need photo identification documents that are issued by the government as well as documents proving your Social Security number. Your Social Security card can help verify that. However, if that is not available, lawyers of Dallas law firm (https://www.recoverylawgroup.com/bankruptcy/) list other documents that can be used. These include:

  • 3rd party prepared tax returns
  • 1099 forms or W-2 statements
  • IRS or Social Security Administration letters with Social Security number
  • Military identification cards with a Social Security number.

If you do not bring your identification and Social Security number proof, the hearing will be rescheduled by the trustee.

Which documents can verify your financial information?

While filing for bankruptcy, you need to provide accurate information regarding your income, expense, debts, and your property. This information is verified by the trustee with the help of supporting documents provided by you. any discrepancy found needs to be explained during the hearing. Thus, for the 341 meeting, you need to provide:

  • Documentation for your income including pay stubs
  • Copies of personal tax returns
  • Bank statements verifying your account balance till the date of filing
  • 401(k) or other retirement plans
  • Profit and loss statement for the business income (in case of self-employed debtor)
  • Bank statements and business tax returns
  • Mortgage and other loan documents (including vehicle)
  • Vehicle registration
  • Home and car insurance documents
  • Appraisal, reports and other documents which can show the value of your assets

Apart from these you also need to have a copy of your bankruptcy petition during the 341 hearing to answer any questions raised by the trustee. You can call (888-297-6203) to consult with experienced bankruptcy lawyers.