Warren Bodeker Forced to Leave His Home in Bankruptcy

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Warren Bodeker Forced to Leave His Home in Bankruptcy

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A WWII veteran, Warren Bodeker, was forced to leave the house, which he had built for his wife and himself in 2000, because of the bankruptcy laws of Montana. The 89 years old veteran was ordered to vacate the house as the creditors did not exempt it from the collection.

Many of Bodeker’s angry patriots, who had assisted him with financial contributions, had also sent numerous threats to the bankruptcy trustee of this case. But they did not know the whole story. There were two reasons due to which Warren was losing his house:

  • He wanted to free himself from his debt liabilities, because of which he had file for a bankruptcy.
  • He did not list all his assets while filing for bankruptcy, and thus committed a fraud. He had buried gold and silver of worth $66,000 in his lawn in an attempt to hide it from the court, and also did not mention it as an asset on his petition for bankruptcy.

Fraud charges were put on Warren and he was even threatened with a jail time. However, he agreed to settle the matter by surrendering the house.

We might feel sympathetic towards the old veteran, as it will be difficult for him to cope with the poor financial situation, but it was right on the trustee’s part to collect the debts from him as he had committed a crime by trying to defrauding his creditors.

Warren had admitted on several occasions that the documents provided by him were false, and thus, his bankruptcy attorney had withdrawn from the case. If Warren had not lied about the treasure buried in his lawn, he would have been able to retain his home and retire with reverse mortgage. Thus, it is important to have proper counseling in legal matters, especially, bankruptcy. To consult the best bankruptcy attorneys of Los Angeles & Dallas, TX, visit Recovery Law Group or call on 888-297-6203.