Top Strategies To Hire Individual Bankruptcy Lawyers In Vestavia Hills, Alabama

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Top Strategies To Hire Individual Bankruptcy Lawyers In Vestavia Hills, Alabama

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Your children are your future and you love them dearly. You would never like to see disappointment in their eyes as you are their superhero. However, losing your house or vehicle due to foreclosure or repossession can break their hearts. You cannot allow unpaid debts to tear your family apart. It is therefore essential that you take concrete steps to get rid of the huge burden of debt you have been carrying for a long time. For this, you need the assistance of professional bankruptcy lawyers in Vestavia Hills, Alabama.

Finding a bankruptcy lawyer in Vestavia Hills, Alabama is easier than you thought!

Before meeting anyone it is important that you shortlist professionally qualified bankruptcy attorney who have an experience of handling bankruptcy cases involve repossession or foreclosure. To shortlist attorneys, you can use these sources:

  • Ask your family, friends, neighbours, or close associates for references for a bankruptcy attorney. It is possible that someone might have hired one and could provide you with a first-hand account of a bankruptcy case as well as the lawyer’s handling of it.
  • If you ever hired a lawyer in the past, you could ask them for recommendations for personal bankruptcy lawyers.
  • The US Bar Association list can provide you the name of attorneys in Vestavia Hills, Alabama along with their specialization and zip code.

Learning about the different bankruptcy chapters

Personal insolvency can be filed under Chapter 7 or chapter 13. Chapter 7 is meant for people who cannot afford to pay back their debts because they have an average household income less than the state median. In this case your non-exempt property is liquidated, and the proceeds handed over to creditors. Chapter 13 is for regular wage earners. The lawyers develop a repayment plan based on the disposable income. Your lawyer will explain these in detail during the discovery meeting

Cost of filing bankruptcy in Vestavia Hills, Alabama

It is important that you obtain quotes from different law firms and not accept the very first one that is submitted to you. Different local courts charge varying fees which depends on whether you have qualified for Chapter 7 or chapter 13. Additionally, you also need to know how much you can afford to pay your lawyer. Roughly a chapter 13 bankruptcy may cost you around $2000 in lawyer’s fees. Apart from this, you also need to pay for court and counselling charges. In case your lawyer agrees to,you can get this amount added to your repayment plan which makes it quite affordable.

Hiring the attorney

Now that you have shortlisted lawyers based on qualification, results, and their fees, it is time to meet them in person to finalise who would represent you in your bankruptcy case. Most law firms provide preliminary meeting free of cost. It is possible that you will be bamboozled by the information provided to you during the discovery interview, thus, you need to be prepared with a questionnaire. This will help you not only develop a better understanding of the procedure, but also give you an insight whether you can trust the attorney and get along with them or not.

Since you will be working closely with them and their team of paralegals, their legal expertise and interest in your case is paramount. If you are satisfied with the discovery meeting, you can ask for the contract to be drafted and signed, else continue the search.

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