The Letter Y Stands For Yoke

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The Letter Y Stands For Yoke

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Y stands for yoke in the dictionary of bankruptcy alphabet.

Debt acts as a yoke around a person’s neck. It keeps him bound to the weight of his previous financial choices and, occasionally, to uncontrollable circumstances.

Sometimes in life, it’s best to put your shoulder to the wheel and work through a challenging financial task:

Live modestly, put off purchases, exercise self-control, and confront the issue head-on.

When someone lets their guard down enough to make an appointment with the bankruptcy lawyer, the problem is typically beyond the scope of any amount of effort.

Perseverance isn’t necessarily a noble trait

As a culture, we adore tales of the underdog triumphing and of perseverance triumphing in the face of adversity. When persistent effort pays off, we savour the heartwarming tales. Nobody chronicles the experiences of the vast majority of people for whom it wasn’t an answer. Many people find that their relentless pursuit of making the bare minimum payments ultimately results in another set of poor choices, such as skipping out on retirement savings, insurance, or emergency reserves.

This is genuine grit.

To admit you are in a circumstance where grit will not prevail requires both bravery and humility. It also requires the capacity to shift your focus from day-to-day survival to a long-term vision: if you are still making payments on your current debt in two or three decades, where will you be financially then?

There is an option to remain a slave.

Only as long as you wish to, you must remain bound by your obligation.

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