The Deliberate Inclination Of Some Attorneys Towards Specific Bankruptcy Chapters

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The Deliberate Inclination Of Some Attorneys Towards Specific Bankruptcy Chapters

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As a counselor, attorneys need to be honest and fair with their clients. However, when it comes to attorney practice, this idealist principle is rarely found. There are many lawyers who deliberately persuade their clients to file for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy when Chapter 7 would have served them better. This is solely done for the fees.

A Chapter 13 case has almost twice the fees of a Chapter 7 case. Thus, attorneys intentionally try to convince their clients in favor of a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, in order to get double the fees. Clients don’t fall victim to the greed of the lawyers only. Judge Mark Ciavarella of Pennsylvania, was sentenced to imprisonment for 28 years in 2011, as he had made a deal of “cash for kids” with a local private prison. It meant that the judge was supposed to send a child to the prison in exchange for a cheque. There were suspicions against the judge as he had received nearly a million dollars from the prison as so-called “finder fees”. We won’t ever get to know the number of innocent and guilty children, who were unjustly imprisoned and faced an extension of prison term, respectively, because of this outrageous corruption. But, we have warned you about the lawyers who might be helping you in choosing the right bankruptcy chapter for you.

In the United States, an individual has options of four chapters of bankruptcy to choose from. Each chapter has its own usefulness in different situations. There is even a great difference in their costs. It is the responsibility of your bankruptcy attorney to determine the best bankruptcy chapter befitting your financial situation. They should always properly explain the suitability and unsuitability of the bankruptcy chapters to you. Thus, you should hire an experienced, honest and trustworthy attorney to guide you throughout the bankruptcy process. You can contact the Recovery Law Group for the same at or by calling on 888-297-6203.

In a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the lawyer’s fee is half of the fee in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, across the United States. But, the filing fee of the court is nearly the same. A Chapter 11 case is normally filed by individuals or businesses involving a huge amount of money or debt, and thus, has a huge attorney fee in comparison to other chapters. Its filing fee is also thrice of that of Chapter 7 or Chapter 13.

It is a bit difficult to even approximate the fee of a Chapter 12 bankruptcy case, as it is extremely rare to occur. This chapter is typically meant for commercial fishermen or farmers and is similar to a Chapter 13 bankruptcy case. Thus, we can guess its fee to be somewhere similar to that of a Chapter 13 case, although, the court fee is slightly less than that of Chapter 7 or a Chapter 13 case.