The Bare Bones Filing In Bankruptcy

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The Bare Bones Filing In Bankruptcy

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There is a sale date for your Jacksonville home. You have been counting on the possibility of mortgage modification because of which you were delaying in filing a bankruptcy, but now you have only 24 hours before the selling of your home. However, this can be stopped from happening.

Filing for bankruptcy, even a few hours before the selling of the home, will bring the automatic stay in effect. An automatic stay stops the creditors from collecting until either the completion of the bankruptcy or the court’s permission for collecting again.

There is a lot of paperwork involved in filing a bankruptcy case, which needs to be accurate and complete as it is signed under the penalty of perjury. Fortunately, with the Bare Bones Filing, the benefits of an automatic stay can be reaped without completing all the paperwork.

The Bare Bones bankruptcy, also known as the Skeleton bankruptcy, involves the creation of technicalities in the law. The debtor is required to complete only Form B1 (of three pages) on the day of filing, under the title 11 of bankruptcy code. You will be required to fill four or five more pages within two days of the day of filing. The rest of the paperwork will not be due for two whole weeks.

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