The Bankruptcy Means Test: What It Is, Why It Matters

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The Bankruptcy Means Test: What It Is, Why It Matters

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Your eligibility in the chapter 7 bankruptcy is determined through the bankruptcy means test.

People who are not eligible for Chapter 7 bankruptcy or who want to keep some assets, such as their home or luxury car, can consolidate their obligations and discharge them off with Chapter 13 bankruptcy. If you really have sufficient discretionary income to cover off your debts, it depends on the income, expenses, and the size of your family. The majority of those who take this means test, complete it easily, despite the fact that it was created to limit the number of debtors who can have their debts discharged through a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

How does it work

The means test is divided into two parts, both of which are intended to determine if you have any discretionary money that you could use to pay off the loans. Primarily, your bankruptcy attorney will do majority of your janitorial duties. The means test determines whether you are eligible for Chapter 7 bankruptcy or must file Chapter 13. You do not need to qualify the means test if you have a firm of your own because this test is basically for the primary consumer debts like credit card.

The test is also used to determine the repayment schedule in Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Step 1

Through documentation, we get an idea of the income in the department of justice of the state. The means test is very important because the income drop will be considered in it. It is a very easy process altogether. You have passed the means test and can file for bankruptcy of chapter 7 if you are below the median income.

Step 2

You should be thorough and do not make any sort of grave mistakes. You should be careful in entire process. The IRS is based on both national and local standards.  You will qualify for chapter 7 if your disposable income is shown to be low enough.

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If you pass the bankruptcy means test

You are given many profits and benefits if you past chapter 7 bankruptcy test. You should always be careful of chapter 13 bankruptcy. You should not allow yourself to get caught into any type of bank taxes. You should always connect with your lawyer to make sure everything is alright.

If you fail the means test

Chapter 13 is not only the last option which is provided to you. The expenditure reflects your financial capability. If you cannot pass the means test, you will not be allowed to chapter 13 and will be repaid all your debts.

Next steps

You should be aware of many things. She building here economical life can be fruitful with secured personal loans and credit cards which counter the consequences of bankruptcy.