Status of Pets in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

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Status of Pets in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

People in Los Angeles love to keep pets like horses and dogs. When they need to file bankruptcy, the fear of losing them in the procedure is quite high. Most of them shy off from applying for chapter 7 bankruptcy since they do not want to lose their pets. They love their pets and treat them like family members. However, the court needs to investigate many things before allowing pets to be exempted. Applicants looking for some valuable advice to keep their pets must visit- Recovery Law Group.

How can an applicant exempt their pets in a bankruptcy case?
When a person applies for chapter 7 their entire property is evaluated, which also includes high maintenance pets like horses and dogs. The aim to evaluate the entire assets is to generate a decent amount to pay the creditors. If the pets can fetch good money the court will not shy from putting it in the non-exempted column. Chapter 7 allows the applicant to keep certain assets that will not be sold out. The assets that are exempted may differ from State to Federal system.

Are pets exempted?
Some states may allow the applicant to keep the pets. So, if the applicant belongs to those States, he can keep the pets. While other states may offer a wildcard exemption. A wildcard exemption is a gift card by the court that allows the applicant to keep any of their personal objects that may not value more than a certain figure. If the pets’ value falls within that figure the applicant can keep them. The applicant must study the State and Federal rules for exemption in Chapter 7 before applying for bankruptcy. This will give them a clear picture.

Can the court exempt pets?
The trustees appointed by the court can exempt the pets without employing wildcard. The trustee if finds, the pets cannot generate much value, it can exempt them. An ageing horse or dog that may not bring much monetary value can be exempted by the trustee. However, a good breed dog or horse that will generate good worth will not be exempted.

Pet care
Pets care can be an expensive affair. The applicant needs to fill many forms before filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy case. The forms have details of the clients’ income, expenses, assets, debts, and the latest financial transactions. Schedule J is the form that shows details of the applicant’s expenses. If the trustee observes that the client is spending far too much on pet care, they can advise the court to dismiss the case. The trustee may feel that the money spent on pet care could have been otherwise used to pay the creditors.

Day-day living expenses
The applicant’s day-day living expenses are scrutinized in detail by the trustees. In no way, the applicant can enjoy a luxurious life and be a suitable candidate for Chapter 7 bankruptcy Los Angeles. The court needs to examine whether the case is not a fraud one. Hence, if the applicant’s daily expenses are minimal, despite expensive pet care, the trustee can grant an exemption on pets. Cutting their own cost by using an inexpensive car, abandoning middle-class luxury lifestyle can convince the trustee and allow immunity to pet like horses and dogs.
Apparently, the court’s major objective is to allow the applicant to enjoy a decent life with their loved ones after the bankruptcy case. For more details on retaining the pets please call on- 888-297-6203.