Avoid Making These Mistakes

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Should You Consult Wellington Property Management if Your Tenant Has Not Paid the Rent?

People often wonder whether they should trust a complete stranger like property manager or real estate agent to find the best tenant for your property; after all it isn’t their property to begin with. Well, you couldn’t be more wrong! Frankly speaking, there is a difference between the way amateurs and professionals work. No matter how passionate you are about your property or how driven you are to find the “best” for you, you simply cannot compare with the professionals. It is their bread and butter; the thing that provides them means to support their family. Nobody could do a better job than them, because they are professionally trained for it. Can you:

• Take out ads in local newspapers & websites and maintain correspondence with each applicant?
• Take time out from your busy “professional” life to show your property whenever a client demands to take a tour?
• Screen prospective clients to weed out any with bad credit history, previous non-payment of dues etc.?
• Make and keep your home ready for renting and properly market it to get best tenants?
• Know handymen, contractors and repair personnel like plumber, electrician landscaper, vent cleaner etc.?
• Get regular maintenance done of the property?
• Prepare monthly and year-end accounting statements?
• Take care of the legal aspects (lease agreement, contracts etc.)?

If your answer is no to one or more than one of the above questions, then you are not equipped to deal with the stress that comes with managing the property and it is therefore best to leave things to professionals.

What Makes Wellington a Popular Choice?
The village of Wellington, located west of West Palm Beach in the Palm Beach County of Florida is one of the most populous villages of the state. Part of the Miami metropolitan area, it is not a village in the traditional sense. With humble beginnings in 1950 when 18000 acres of land was purchased by Charles Owen Wellington, the property has seen many changes till it was unanimously approved by the Palm Beach County Board of Commissioners to develop it as a planned unit. With several highways passing through it and the Palm Beach International Airport connecting residents to other parts of the country and vice versa. Wellington has become one of the popular international centre for equestrian sports these days, generating a lot of interest in people to purchase property here.

What Happens When You Opt for Professional Assistance?
Thanks to professionals at Wellington Property Management you are assured that:
• All rental applicant’s applications are screened for source of income and employment details.
• Mandatory credit check is carried out on every adult rental applicant.
• A Florida Criminal Background Check is completed, even National Background Check is carried out if applicable.
• Any applicant’s former landlord references are cross-checked and verified.
• An eviction search is also carried out to confirm that the applicant has previously not been charged with eviction notices in the past seven years.
• They also help keep the rental price on your property correctly to ensure you don’t lose good tenants due to over-inflation of price.
• Provide outstanding services including property management, taking care of rental agreements, standing as a go-between the tenant and the property owner.
• Extensive advertising of your property to ensure that you get best tenants.
• Yearly inspection of your property is done to keep it in prim condition, attracting better clients.
• Any maintenance and repairs are conducted by reputed dealers.
• Security deposit refunds, insurance claims, utility accounts, any and all cleaning, handyman, repairs, appraisers etc. are all handled by them

Avoid Making These Mistakes
As homeowners, you could trust Wellington Property Management to helps sort out all matters related to your rental property. In case you wish to take matters in your hand, there are a few common mistakes that you should avoid making at all costs.
1. Renting Your Property without Properly Screening the Tenant. If you are lucky, you might get a good tenant, if not, you will get a good lesson but at a very high cost! It is therefore extremely important for not just your peace of mind but also for the safety and security of your property to screen probable tenants before letting your property on rent. Criminal history, past bad tenancy are some of the factors to consider before making any decision. It would be important to get police verification and all legally binding documents in place when you rent out your property.
2. Allowing Late Payments. When things are managed by property management services, a certain level of professionalism exists. However, when landlords directly deal with tenants, they may become lenient, which is a mistake in the long run. Allowing them to make late payments once can quickly become a habit which you are sure to regret later.
3. Letting the Property be neglected. More often than not, landlords keep on delaying any repair and maintenance work due to shortage of time. Wear and tear takes place when people reside, so it is extremely important to get painting and cleaning done to make the property liveable again. A rundown property does not attract clients and you will end up losing money.

Advantages of Hiring Professional Wellington Property Management to Get Best Return on Your Investment

There are certain advantages when it comes to trusting professionals to get best returns on your property. The first and most important aspect is that they can use their vast network to screen through potential tenants to avoid any defaulters. They have a list of trusted vendors who can help get any repairs done at reasonable rates saving you a lot of money. They also help in collecting rent, dealing with any and all of the tenant’s issues, resolve all minor and major problems including any legal formalities. Their professional experience of managing property comes in handy and brings higher returns on investment made by the landlord. Moreover the rental property is kept well maintained too.