Obtain A Great Consumer Bankruptcy Lawyer In Yuma, Arizona For Bankruptcy Relief

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Obtain A Great Consumer Bankruptcy Lawyer In Yuma, Arizona For Bankruptcy Relief

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Being under debt can be a heavy feeling. You feel stressed out all the time, have quarrels with your spouse and are unable to sleep soundly at night. You do not want to lose your house or vehicle as this would further add to the stress. Hence, you need to seek professional assistance from lawyers who have the experience of handling debt consolidation and repossession or foreclosure bankruptcy cases. Since laws differ from state to state, it is important to look for local Yuma, Arizona bankruptcy lawyer.

Tips to do your research for a bankruptcy lawyer in Yuma, Arizona

Looking for a bankruptcy lawyer is not an easy task. You are looking for a needle in a haystack. However, with the help of your family, friends, and acquaintances, you can narrow down your search. You need to ask them for bankruptcy lawyer referrals. There is a possibility that someone might have needed the assistance of bankruptcy lawyers in the past. Similarly, any other lawyer you have previously worked with can also provide a reference for a bankruptcy lawyer. The US bar association lists bankruptcy lawyers in Yuma along with their ZIP codes. Whatever your source of getting references, use these tips to shortlist the lawyers:

  • Have a list of requirements that are essential in the lawyer before you consider hiring anyone.
  • Check their educational qualification, client testimonials, and reviews, not just online but also offline.
  • Ask your contacts for their experience with the lawyer. Whether they were trustworthy, sensitive, and discrete in their dealings.

Different bankruptcy chapters

You have the option of filing under Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 depending on your income. The difference between these two chapters is that in Chapter 7 you do not have to pay anything. However, your non-exempt property is liquidated to repay your creditors. In the case of Chapter 13, your disposable income is used to pay back your creditors. Your lawyer develops a repayment plan for Yuma, Arizona bankruptcy court’s approval.

Finding the cost of bankruptcy in Yuma, Arizona

Once you ask quotes from the different law firms for a case like yours, you will find out that there is no fixed cost for a bankruptcy filing. The cost varies depending on the chapter of bankruptcy you are eligible for, whether your case involves repossession or foreclosure, the court, city, and state you are filing in. A chapter 13 bankruptcy might cost you roughly $2000 in attorney fees. Apart from this, you need to pay for court and counseling charges.

Be prepared for the discovery meeting

Now that you have shortlisted lawyers based on legal knowledge, experience, and affordability, it is time to meet them in person to understand whether they are sensitive to your situation and the best option available for you. Most law firms offer a discovery meeting free of charge. However, you are under no compulsion to hire them based on this meeting. Use your discovery meeting wisely to gather information about the working of the lawyer as well as bankruptcy laws.

Find out whether the lawyer has enough time to devote to you and your case. The paralegals and associates will play an important role in your case. Thus, it is important that you know their name, contact details as well as their knowledge about bankruptcy laws, its various chapters, and your case.If you do not get along with the lawyer, have trouble discussing your case with him and are unable to get answers to your questions, find a lawyer you can trust.

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