Middle District Of Florida Gets A New Chief Bankruptcy Judge

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Middle District Of Florida Gets A New Chief Bankruptcy Judge

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The Honorable Karen S. Jennemann was declared the Chief Judge of Bankruptcy for the Middle District of Florida on October 1st, 2011. She is a graduate of William & Mary who had been practicing law for over 25 years in Florida. She presides in Orlando of Orange County, Florida.

She replaced the former Chief Judge, the honorable Paul M. Glenn. He presided in Jacksonville of Duval County, Florida. Judge Glenn was appointed to the bench in 1993. He graduated from the Duke University in 1970 and has legal experience of over 40 years.

The cases decided either in Orange County or in Duval County have a persuasive authority over one another in making decisions related to new cases with similar facts, as both the counties lie in the bankruptcy court of the Middle District. However, cases decided by a non-chief judge are less persuasive than the ones which are decided by a Chief Judge. Thus, without any argument, the most powerful decisions are now made in the bankruptcy court of Orlando instead of Jacksonville.

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