Is it Possible for a Legal Citizen (noncitizen) to file for a Bankruptcy?

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Is it Possible for a Legal Citizen (noncitizen) to file for a Bankruptcy?

It is possible for a legal citizen (not a US Citizen) to file for bankruptcy, but you must check with your attorney before doing so, to ensure that it is not affecting your citizenship application in any way. To find out in details regarding how to file, contact Bankruptcy attorney at 888-297-6203 or Recovery Law Group.

Legal Residents are Eligible to File for bankruptcy

If you are a Legal Resident (noncitizen) and reside in the United States or have a domicile or a business in the United States, then you can file for bankruptcy as any other citizen can. To sum it up, if you are a legal resident with a residence or business in the US, then you are eligible to file for bankruptcy.

Precautions/Conditions to take care of before filing for bankruptcy

It is important to note that if you have applied for a Green card or US Citizenship, then filing for bankruptcy can have a negative impact on your submitted application. Nonetheless, immigration attorneys are the best guide in this scenario, as each case of immigration varies and is dependant on your acts, past history, and individual circumstance. Hence it would be best to contact a reputed and experienced attorney before you make the decision to file for bankruptcy (after applying for a US citizenship).