Ideas To Hire A Bankruptcy Attorney In Phoenix, Arizona

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Ideas To Hire A Bankruptcy Attorney In Phoenix, Arizona

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Have you been struggling with debts? If you are finding it difficult to let go of tension and are unable to sleep well at night, it might be because of monetary problems. Instead of living your life in fear of creditors, you need to take charge of protecting your family and your kids’ future. When you hire the services of an experienced bankruptcy attorney in Phoenix, Arizona you can not only prevent losing your home, car, or property to repossession or foreclosure, you can also stop collection actions from taking place against you. What is more, bankruptcy lawyers can get you rid of your debt easily. If you are looking for ideas on how to find one, read along….

Do your research to hire consumer bankruptcy lawyers in Phoenix, Arizona

Research is the key to hiring an excellent bankruptcy attorney in Phoenix, Arizona. However, the presence of several or attorneys in the region can be quite confusing for a person already struggling with creditors and debts. The best way to look for a lawyer is to ask your family members, friends, acquaintances, and business associates if they ever needed the services of a bankruptcy attorney.In case they did, ask them their personal experience with respect to the bankruptcy process, the lawyer’s handling of the case, and their approach towards them.

You could also ask your friend’s divorce attorney for a referral for a bankruptcy attorney. Being in the same profession, they could know some good bankruptcy lawyer with an excellent track record of handling repossession or foreclosure cases. The US Bar Association also lists attorneys along with their specialization and ZIP codes. This could help you find a bankruptcy lawyer near you with ease.

Different insolvency chapters

Personal insolvency can be filed under Chapter 7 or chapter 13. For beginners, the basic difference between these 2 chapters is who can qualify for them and how bankruptcy discharge takes place in each. Chapter 7 is meant for people with little to no income.They do not need to pay anything to get their debts discharged. However, some non-exempt property might be liquidated in this case. Chapter 13 is for people with a regular income. A repayment plan is developed by their lawyer for Phoenix,Arizona bankruptcy court’s approval.

How much will it cost to file for bankruptcy in Phoenix, Arizona?

Filing for bankruptcy will cost you some money, however, this cost varies with court, city, and state as well as the bankruptcy chapter you qualify for. Since there is no fixed fee, you need to get as many quotes as possible from the shortlisted lawyers to know which ones you can afford. Approximately $2000 needs to be kept aside for a chapter 13 bankruptcy case. This money is apart from the court and counselling charges that you need to pay. You could also include the lawyer’s fee in your repayment plan.

What happens during the discovery meeting?

Once you have reduced the list of probable lawyers based on experience, positive results, excellent reviews,and affordability, you need to meet them in person to finalize the one who would represent you for your bankruptcy case. This can be done using the discovery meeting which is offered free of cost by most law firms. Use this time to know more about the lawyer, their staff, their behaviour towards you as well as their availability for your case. Apart from the technical knowledge about bankruptcy and its different chapters, they should also be sympathetic towards your situation. If you feel comfortable with them, sign the contract.

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