Affordable Wedding in Los Angeles

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How to Plan an Affordable Wedding in Los Angeles?

Weddings are a costly affair with numerous investment like Decor, Flower arrangements, Dinner parties, etc. However, There are possibilities where you can have an elegant affair which is affordable as well in Los Angeles. If you wish to decrease the cost of your wedding without settling on your dreams and any quality, Then There are a number of affordable options available. With Bohemian style catching up with people, They are no longer interested in using their hard-earned money feeding to friends and relatives in 5-star hotels or popular restaurants. Venues like community gardens or beachside are extremely popular and relatively less pricey.

Here is a list of different affordable innovative wedding venues in Los Angeles:

  1. James Irvine Japanese Garden– Located in downtown LA, This garden is perfect for a wedding ceremony with lush greenery, stonework, footbridge, and an enchanting waterfall. With prices starting from $3,100 for the wedding ceremony and reception, you can have the best of both worlds.
  1. California Yacht Club – The Marina Del Rey is a waterside hideaway which is astonishingly affordable compared to other yacht clubs. The catering price starts at $42 per person, Which reduces the food amount considerably.
  1. Inn of Seventh Ray– The Topanga Canyon is an excellent outdoor venue which can play hostess to around 100 guests. The price is surprisingly inexpensive at $1,450. A photogenic gazebo is an attractive place for photo shoots. The gathering can proceed back home.
  1. Centre for Arts in Eagle Rock– The Carnegie Library is now known by this name and is available at amazingly low rentals ($3,500 for 8 hours). You can also get to save on decoration as the 20th century spectacular architecture allows for a dazzling background for your wedding.
  1. Orcutt Ranch– The West Hills spot is an excellent venue for a wedding with sprawling 24 acres of the rose garden and citrus orchard With a reasonably affordable price of $2,000 for 6 hours on the weekend is extremely attractive too.

Such different wedding venues make for not just an amazing backdrop for the function but are also extremely pocket-friendly. Being mindful about your budget is extremely valuable, Particularly if you have tight finances. There are various other ways to conserve money. Here is where you can save some extra while planning weddings in Los Angeles.

Save money on food

Catering is an important aspect of a wedding, One aspect which cannot be ignored. However, Catering bills in 5-star restaurants and reception halls can run into a huge amount. In case you do not want to compromise on the location, You need to reduce the guest list. You can alternately move the reception to your or a friend’s place where you can opt for a catering service to decrease the food bill. Alternately, You could also opt for your bridesmaids-groomsmen to crack in to share the food costs.

You can improve this plan to different parts of your wedding like Photography, Flowers or Party Favors. In any case, You must ensure that you shower more love and benevolence to every one of the individuals who will have stepped in to help make your wedding functions a success with unbelievable achievement.

Save money on Los Angeles honeymoon

The second most expensive thing about planning for a wedding is a foreign honeymoon destination. With beautiful beaches, wine tasting gateways and other destinations available in Los Angeles for you to choose from, You can easily save a bucket load of money and time. For adventure seekers, Big Bear Lake is a great option, while those looking for a posh and artsy trip, Santa Barbara are a perfect choice. A number of options from Groupon and similar sites which can further reduce the cost can be availed by you. Alternately, Friends and family members could attend a wedding and also contribute to a honeymoon fund for the newlyweds.

Weddings are a great time to enjoy. You need to keep your advantages straight, Spend where it is necessary and matters the greatest while cutting unnecessary costs wherever you can. Make your day memorable at any place you wish to get married, Whether your backyard or a church or yacht club. Saving money which can be used later on, to make your finances is a great beginning to a wonderful future. Los Angeles based law firm Recovery Law Group can suggest you join finances with your spouse which is a matter of consultation and debate. For any queries related to debts, You should consult experienced attorneys.