How To Find A Bankruptcy Attorney

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How To Find A Bankruptcy Attorney

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A price structure that takes the difficulties of your bankruptcy case into consideration is something to look for along with a specialized certification. Your bankruptcy lawyer will represent you and lead you through the occasionally perplexing procedure.

Making the effort to speak with a few attorneys and being aware of what to look for will put you on the right track for a successful bankruptcy case. Look for experience, a reasonable price, and a communication style that seems comfortable to you when choosing an attorney to assist you in filing your Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy case.

How to contact bankruptcy attorneys

A number of web directories claim to be able to assist you in finding a bankruptcy attorney nearby. Examine every listing you come across with a critical eye.

Start with these two resources:

You can search the results for lawyers who specialize in bankruptcy on the ABA website, which identifies lawyers and companies that adhere to its guidelines for lawyer referral. The bar organization for your state is another place to look for nearby resources.

You can also make contact with a few lawyers who seem competent, and schedule consultations with each of them. Some lawyers provide free consultations, while others demand a fee of about $35.

Inquire about the following three items at each meeting:

  • Does the lawyer have the knowledge necessary to assist you?
  • Are the costs reasonable?
  • Would you feel at ease doing business with this person?

Experience and expertise

Understanding the bankruptcy statute thoroughly and having the expertise to know how to apply it are two prerequisites for success. Your case can be dismissed due to a submitted form being incomplete or a deadline being missed. Finding an expert is crucial for this reason.


Compensation that fits your case

Though generally speaking, a Chapter 13 petition will cost more than a Chapter 7 filing, there is no “correct” amount that a bankruptcy practitioner should charge. The cost varies depending on the case and the state.


Communication and compatibility

Ask yourself whether you feel comfortable being candid with the attorney before hiring them.

Working to ensure you can receive the greatest deal for your condition is a critical task for you and your bankruptcy attorney. That will need difficult talks, so a commitment to open communication will be helpful.

Not a DIY project

Don’t be tempted to forego legal representation even if it might be difficult to locate the best one for a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy case. LaBert says, alluding to the legal word for representing yourself, “pro se, no way,” for bankruptcy.

You may effectively use this debt relief option if you find the correct attorney for your case, which will free you up to concentrate on rebuilding your credit and living a debt-free life.

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