Holiday Expenditure And Its Impact On Bankruptcy

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Holiday Expenditure And Its Impact On Bankruptcy

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Bankruptcy does not mean a change in your normal routine life, even if it means a decent holiday somewhere to relax and celebrate a particular occasion. However, since the finances are associated with a holiday plan, it is essential to keep in mind a few rules before planning your holiday. These guidelines only apply for chapter 13 as one would be planning for holidays only during the chapter 13 bankruptcy procedure as it lasts for almost 5 years. This cannot be the case for chapter 7 as the whole process is for about just 6 months.

What is chapter 13 bankruptcy?

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is about figuring out viable monthly payouts based on the net disposable income of the debtor. The debts which are not practical enough to carry on as per the revised schedule of payments if qualified are discharged. Individuals need to have a consistent income and the debt should be below the ceiling as specified for secured and unsecured debts. Know more about the ceiling and in-depth about Chapter 13 bankruptcy on

What is not allowed during bankruptcy or before bankruptcy?

The revised payment should begin within 30 days of filing for bankruptcy as the automatic stay facilitated by the court ends in 30 days. It is extremely important to be current with the new proposed payment plan as if the filer isn’t current, he might end up losing any kind of dollar discharge of his debts. Few actions that should be avoided if bankruptcy is around the corner can be listed as follows-

  • Buying holiday gifts or travel vouchers on a credit card before applying for bankruptcy can seriously doubt your intent of bankruptcy. Such actions are an attempt to accumulate debt without an intention of repayment. It can be regarded as a fraud and the bankruptcy case might be outrightly dismissed and fines, imprisonment, and similar actions might follow as well.
  • If you are looking for a debt to sponsor your holidays during chapter 13 repayment tenure, it might well not be possible. Every financial decision major or minor must go through the bankruptcy court before it is implemented. Any new debt can only be approved if it is necessary. If you can afford the gifts or holiday expenses by cash and it does not impact the payment schedule, the expenditure on holiday or gifts if reasonable can be approved by the bankruptcy court.
  • The bankruptcy court allocates some amount as a budget for certain essentials like food, clothing, etc. This amount is nominal but is the only amount that can be used for a holiday or gift if saved or managed well. The amount based on the states can be somewhere in the range of $1.7k to $2k.
  • The gifts purchased should not breach a ceiling of $600 and should be only for close family members.

Any breach in the above points needs to be reported instantly to the bankruptcy trustee or bankruptcy court. An attorney alongside you can prevent such mistakes unintentionally also. Connect to one at 888-297-6203. Here you will find the best attorneys across Los Angeles & Dallas, TX. So, why wait to get professional and expert advice? Contact instantly by dialing the number now!