Hire Consumer Bankruptcy Lawyers In Albertville, Alabama To Be Debt-Free

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Hire Consumer Bankruptcy Lawyers In Albertville, Alabama To Be Debt-Free

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If despite your best efforts, you are always short of money, then something is wrong. Unpaid financial obligations can ruin not just your reputation, but also your peace of mind too. Coping with all this additional pressure apart from work-related one can take a toll on your health. Instead of delaying the obvious, you need to look for a practical solution to your problem. A lawyer who specializes in handling debt consolidation and bankruptcy cases can be your best chance to be debt-free. However, finding one can be difficult unless you have help available.

How to find an experienced bankruptcy lawyer in Albertville, Alabama?

There is no dearth of lawyers in Albertville, Alabama; however, you need specialized ones, who have experience in handling bankruptcy cases. To find one, you need to ask your family and friends for references. There is a chance that someone might have experience of working with bankruptcy lawyers, which could come handy for you. Do not forget to mention that you need someone who has previously handled repossession and foreclosure cases.

You could also ask your friend’s divorce attorney for a bankruptcy attorney referral. Being in the same profession, they could recommend you, some names. If nothing works, you could try the US bar association list to give you names for bankruptcy attorneys practicing in Albertville, Alabama. Whatever your source, keep in mind to look for someone who is compassionate, trustworthy, and available for you.

What is the difference between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy?

Once you have decided to file for bankruptcy, it is important to know the distinction between chapter 7 and chapter 13. While the former is known as Liquidation Bankruptcy, the latter is known as the Wage Earner’s Plan. In the case of chapter 7, you do not have to pay any money, but some of your non-exempt property might be liquidated to repay the creditors. In chapter 13, a repayment plan is developed by your bankruptcy lawyer for Albertville, Alabama bankruptcy court approval.

The cost of bankruptcy in Albertville, Alabama

Bankruptcy costs vary with the state, city, court, and the chapter of bankruptcy you are filing in. The attorney fee is not fixed; therefore, it is advised to get as many quotes as possible. Additionally, the charge asked by an attorney may also depend on whether your case involves repossession or foreclosure. On an average, a Chapter 13 bankruptcy case may involve $2000 as attorney fees. Apart from this, you also need to pay for court and counseling charges.

Being prepared for discovery meeting is important

Once you have shortlisted probable bankruptcy attorneys based on experience, results, client’s testimonials, and your budget, it is time to meet them to finalize one who would handle your case. Most law firms offer a free discovery meeting, which is an excellent opportunity to evaluate the lawyer’s knowledge of the law as well as whether they are suitable for you or not. Being prepared for the meeting is essential as information will be thrown at you from all directions. Instead of being bamboozled by the display, keep your wits about you. Having a questionnaire prepared for the meeting would be of great assistance.

Use this meeting to find out more about the law firm, the lawyer, and the support staff. The knowledge of paralegals about bankruptcy laws and your case is important. In case you find the lawyer sensitive and discrete and wish to hire them, go ahead, and sign the contract.

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