Hire Bankruptcy Lawyers to Defend Yourself

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Hire Bankruptcy Lawyers to Defend You against Creditor Action

Filing for bankruptcy is one of the last resort people opt for, though it is the best legal option available to get rid of genuine monetary issues plaguing people. Many times people who have filed for bankruptcy might end up getting sued by the creditors for failure to make payments. In case, you have chosen to file without a lawyer (pro se) you might not be adequately prepared to handle such a scenario.

In a case concerning Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the debtor prior to filing for bankruptcy had opened a home equity line with a local financial institution. When the news of the filing reached the creditor, the institution filed a lawsuit against the debtor.

The financial institution (Parkway Bank & Trust) based their lawsuit on the fact that the debtor (Casali) had knowingly sought to misdirect the bank when he decided to ask for relief from the loan. As per the bank, one of the debts should be considered non-dischargeable as per U.S. code 523(a)(2)(A). According to Dallas based law firm Recovery Law Group, the code states that bankruptcy cannot provide respite to the filer from any debt (in form of finance, property, or any other service) obtained due to lies or false depiction. According to the complaint filed by Parkway Bank & Trust, Casali had not accurately provided statements of the financial situation while borrowing money from them.

Thankfully, bankruptcy lawyers by the defendant’s side argued that Parkway Bank & Trust could not provide relevant evidence to prove the charges against their client. Inability to prove without any doubt that Casali had knowingly and with dubious intent hidden the financial condition while obtaining the mortgage loan from Parkway Bank & Trust resulted in relief for the client. The case was reviewed by the bankruptcy court and the client got respite by having the loan discharged under Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

In case you are going through a tough phase and are looking for bankruptcy as an option to get relief from the huge debts it is important to consult an adept bankruptcy lawyer. Call at 888-297-6023 to talk to bankruptcy lawyers to get a better grasp on your financial and legal matters. With an experienced team by your side, any complicated legal matter can be easily resolved.