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Debt has a way of becoming overwhelming and unmanageable. So, if you are facing mounting debt, we, at Wajda & Associates, will help. We are a squad of experienced bankruptcy lawyers in San Diego. We will analyze your case and will let you decide whether bankruptcy is an ideal solution for you or not.

We will even consider your debt type, situation, income, and countless other factors before we file for bankruptcy on your behalf. What is more? We have tie-ups with the top bankruptcy attorney in San Diego; these lawyers know the US legal landscape related to bankruptcy inside out. This is what makes us the go-to legal partner when it comes to receiving the best bankruptcy consultation in San Diego.

What else? This team makes the entire process of filing for bankruptcy swift and easy. That is how we ensure that your financial burden is eliminated as fast as possible. So, now, if you are looking for overcoming your unsecured debt or a secured one, we will give our assistance.

Filing for bankruptcy must be your decision

Remember that whenever you are going for bankruptcy consultation in San Diego, it should be your decision. Never file for bankruptcy under pressure or influence. It is because you are the best person who knows your business, your debts, and your life inside out. This is what makes you the best person to call the shots as far as filing for bankruptcy is concerned.

Plus, when it comes to filing for bankruptcy, you should have a very reliable team of legal professionals standing in your corner. That is basically where we come into play.

Our solutions

We offer assistance in dealing with different legal models related to bankruptcy; these models include Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. With these two legal ecosystems, we make sure you overcome your debts properly.

Thanks to Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy in San Diego, many Americans have finally found relief from a number of debts. So, the thing is that if you want to restructure your loan’s repayment schedule, then Chapter 13 bankruptcy has the solution.

However, if you want to eliminate the entire debt, then Chapter 7 bankruptcy in San Diego is the right option. The best part is that we provide assistance with both of these solutions as per your case and budget.

Why are we the right legal partner for you?

  • We offer best-in-class legal advice related to overcoming debt through bankruptcy.
  • We provide smooth communication 24/7.
  • Our bankruptcy-filing process is easy to follow and does not have jargon.
  • We offer a range of plans suiting your budget.

So whenever you are looking forward to receiving bankruptcy consultation in San Diego, call 1-888-297-6203 for receiving your free quote. Or else you can get all the details about our legal expertise and solutions at

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