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Facing an Overwhelming Debt? We Can Help

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If you among those million Americans who are struggling to pay off an overwhelming debt, you need assistance—not sympathy. First off, there may be a range of reasons why you are having so much debt in the first place. Perhaps, you were recently laid off from a well-paying job; maybe your business was shut down because of poor economy; you may have a lot of unpaid medical bills from an unexpected illness, injury, or accident.

Whatever the reason for your existing financial crisis may be, you have the right to make a fresh financial beginning in your life. It is just that you need to know your legal options.

That is where we, at Wajda & Associates, come into play.

Wajda & Associates—helping you deal with bankruptcy and debt

We have rich experience and deep expertise in helping people across San Antonio file for bankruptcy. Because of that, we have risen as a reliable team of bankruptcy lawyers in San Antonio. We have tie-ups with almost every leading bankruptcy attorney in San Antonio. That is how we are able to simplify the entire legal procedure of filing for bankruptcy in this region.

To be precise, we do the hard work to remove all the confusing legalese from the bankruptcy process. That is how you can rely on our experience in providing the best solution for overcoming your debt—secured or unsecured.

Filing for bankruptcy should be your decision

Always ensure that filing for bankruptcy in San Antonio should be only your decision and not someone else’s. First things first, never get influenced into making any of these bankruptcy decisions. That means bankruptcy just needs to be your decision.

Plus, when it is about navigating bankruptcy’s legal landscape, you will have a number of solutions—it is just that you need to explore them.

The solution to your debt is here

Filing for bankruptcy becomes simpler and quicker with legal models such as Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. These legal chapters are established by the US government; through them, any struggling US citizen can find relief from overwhelming debt.

We offer assistance in filing for bankruptcy in Chapter 13 and chapter 7 in San Antonio. For example, if you are just looking forward to restructuring your repayment plan, you will have to file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy in San Antonio.

However, if you want to look forward to eliminating your entire debt out and out, seek Chapter 7 bankruptcy in San Antonio from us.

Besides offering affordable bankruptcy consultation in San Antonio, we even ensure that no creditor harassment takes place. These harassments include letters, evictions, wage garnishment, judgments, foreclosure, and much more.

What else?

If your creditors continue to harass you, we can even take concrete legal actions on your behalf. Such actions generally include collecting damages just in case a creditor violates any law while collecting debts from you.

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Being your ideal legal partner means doing a lot of hard work

  • We provide the most appropriate legal advice that will work toward letting you eliminate your debt.
  • You can communicate regarding your case with us 24/7.
  • Our legal procedure is easy to understand and lacks any jargon.
  • We have a lot of plans that will suit different budgets.

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