Foreclosure and Bankruptcy

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Foreclosure and Bankruptcy

Foreclosure is a very stressful condition and it requires immediate assistance. Foreclosure is not always right and there can be scenarios when it can be easily prevented. A talk or a piece of advice from an experienced attorney can do wonders on most days. Log on to Recovery Law Group to reach out the best attorneys in town to help you or your friend out in case of a foreclosure. The consultation offered is not only confidential but is very professional too. Foreclosure basically means an exercise of a right by the lender to acquire, liquidate or sell off the asset has a lien on. This can happen in case of secured debts if the debtor misses multiple payments. This might also happen in case of unsecured debts under certain circumstances wherein a judicial lien or foreclosure is applied.

What are the causes of a foreclosure?

Foreclosure can occur due to personal or financial situations. Some of the potential reasons for foreclosure could be due to the following-

  • Divorce

This is a very common reason for mortgage foreclosure. Due to divorce, the mortgage is no longer borne by two people but is levied on a single person, which always is a very big expense to handle with the existing paycheck. Alimony, child support, etc., can cripple the disposable income available for paying important debts like a home mortgage. So, divorce can be a very big potential reason for foreclosure.

  • Death

As is divorce, death plays a significant role especially if it is associated with the higher earning spouse. While most of the household expenses creep up on the shoulders of a single person, it can be very difficult for one to keep up with all secured or unsecured loans pursued earlier. Apart from being a financial crisis, it can lead to an emotional breakdown which is a very difficult situation to be in.

  • Illness

Some health disorder or too huge medical bills with large out of pocket expenses can really shake you off your financial track. Being ill will not only reduce the flow of income, cut down your pay slip, but also increase the burden on your savings and the available disposable income. Prolonged illness could also hence lead to foreclosures, bankruptcy, and similar unhealthy financial situations.

Solutions for foreclosure

Foreclosure is not the end of the world. It can be safeguarded and if you are worried about your residence or any other particular asset, you need not be. There are solutions to this foreclosure problem. Some of them can be listed as follows-

  • Filing for bankruptcy

Filing for bankruptcy is a great option if you are about to face foreclosure. Not only do you get automatic stay but if you are eligible for filing bankruptcy under Chapter 13, none of your assets will be disturbed and your future disposable income will be used to settle the debts. This is one of the easy and effective formulae to prevent foreclosing.

  • Opting for judicial foreclosure

The nonjudicial foreclosure requires a notice of at least 30 days prior initiating the foreclosure. It is important for you to make the lender understand your situation and provide a solution or a plan to pay off the debt in a suitable time frame. If the lender is not convinced, you may have to fight it out in the court and request for judicial foreclosure. There are several benefits offered for judicial foreclosure in states like California however, it proves to be really expensive for the lenders.

Depending on the agreement terms, there can be more ways of dealing with the situation efficiently. A mortgage lawyer is just a phone call away from you. Don’t let foreclosure haunt you. Dial 888-297-6203 right now!