Filing A Bankruptcy Would Probably Be Beneficial For Casey Anthony

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Filing A Bankruptcy Would Probably Be Beneficial For Casey Anthony

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Casey Anthony was barraged by civil law suits since she was declared not-guilty in 2008 in a first-degree murder case. One of those suits was brought by a meter man, Mr. Roy Kronk, who had found the remains of Casey’s daughter. Miss Anthony’s defense team had charged Kronk with the child’s murder, and thus, Kronk sued her for defamation of character. Later, Casey had told the court that her daughter drowned in the family pool.

Defamation is a defamatory and untrue statement about a plaintiff which because of the fault of a defendant is heard by a third party that must result in some kind of damage. In this case, the defendant Casey took her lawyer’s help and charged the plaintiff, Roy Kronk, with her daughter’s murder which was listened to by third parties across many news stations. Consequently, his reputation suffered damage. If Casey is unable to prove Kronk’s crime, he will surely win the suit. This will mean that she lied under oath by saying that the child drowned in the family pool, but there had already been perjury suits against her in the past.

There is still a possibility for Casey to file for a Chapter 7 and get the debt discharged despite being found responsible for damages to Kronk’s reputation. Debts owed to private citizens get almost always discharged, in contrast to the ones owed to the government. However, under 11 USC § 523(6), an intentional and malicious damage is done to the plaintiff by the debtor, can be the cause of no discharge. In the case of Casey Anthony, her ability to benefit from the filing of a bankruptcy will depend on Kronk’s inability to prove her malice, i.e. her evil intentions. This leaves us with an interesting question about Casey’s motivation behind accusing Kronk. Did she really believe that Kronk was guilty? No, it wouldn’t be possible if she knew that Caylee had drowned in the pool. But since Casey and Kronk were strangers, why would she frame him for a non-committed crime?

These answers will have to be determined by a judge. If the judge of a state court finds Casey’s malice in defaming Kronk, she will not be able to discharge the debt. However, she will be able to file for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy as well as discharge the debt, if the judgment of defamation is found to be without malice.

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