Discovering The Right Bankruptcy Attorney In Flagstaff, Arizona

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Discovering The Right Bankruptcy Attorney In Flagstaff, Arizona

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In times of major financial crisis, it is always best to seek legal professional help than spending your nights in despair thinking about your incapability to repay your financial debts. All it takes is to hire the right legal representative for yourself, who will not only guide you out of the financial mess but also save your assets from being forfeited.

Look for a bankruptcy or debt consolidation Flagstaff lawyer who is a professional in dealing with your kind of bankruptcy case and will surely help you in getting back on your feet just like Recovery Law Group (contact them on 888-297-6203).

Researching for a Bankruptcy Lawyer in Flagstaff, Arizona

  • Get recommendations from your buddies, relatives, and colleagues.
  • Go online and check the recent case histories and customer reviews of individual bankruptcy lawyers as well as the different law firms.
  • Consult a trustworthy attorney whom you have worked with, in the past, and who might be willing to refer you to a good insolvency professional.
  • Browse through the bar association lists to find the names of all your regional legal representatives along with their field of work.

Kinds of Bankruptcy – Chapter 7 & Chapter 13

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Getting a discharge in this chapter will fetch you liberty from having to pay any financial obligation in cash. However, the Flagstaff court may decide to liquidate your non-exempt properties to repay your debts.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Regular wage earners can draw up a repayment plan with their attorney’s aid in this bankruptcy chapter to pay some or all of their debts in monthly installments. However, you will have to first get the plan approved by the Flagstaff court.

Bankruptcy Expenses in Flagstaff, Arizona

Your total bankruptcy expense in Flagstaff, Arizona will depend on the following factors:

  • the attorney you hire
  • the cost structure of different bankruptcy chapters
  • the fee of your regional court
  • the counseling fee
  • the difficulty level of your case
  • the US state you live in

Make it a point to get as many quotes as possible to make the right judgment while choosing the attorney for you.

First Meeting with the Lawyers

After a thorough investigation, you are all set to attend your first free-of-cost discovery meeting which will most likely take place at the shortlisted attorneys’ Flagstaff legal office.

Focus on the following points for the meeting:

  • List down all your questions priority-wise to get them answered during the meeting. This will also help in the smooth functioning of the interview.
  • Know your consumer rights.
  • Talk and try to judge the attorney’s knowledge about the finer points of bankruptcy law as well as your case.
  • Be aware of the attorney and paralegals’ general accessibility. They must have adequate time to devote to your case.
  • Talk and discuss the entire insolvency procedure with them, even if you already have the knowledge about it.
  • Talk and get more details about their work history, specialties, work tenure, etc.
  • Lastly, ascertain that the attorney is an individual of good morals whom you can trust with the handling of your personal and private documents. They should be excellent communicators and professionals in their craft and should be able to make things simpler for you to understand easily.

Signing the Contract

As soon as you are done hiring the perfect attorney for yourself, you can ask him/her to draw up the contract. The contract will include your Scope of Work, the expenses involved, and their dates of payment.