The Key To Being Debt-Free Is An Experienced Consumer Bankruptcy Lawyer In Pelham, Alabama

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The Key To Being Debt-Free Is An Experienced Consumer Bankruptcy Lawyer In Pelham, Alabama

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As the saying goes, money is the root cause of evils. There is no denying that money problems can spell doom for your family. if you have been struggling with your debts and have found no way to manage your finances, you might soon end up losing more than your home, vehicle, and possessions. Many times, debt problems can split your family apart. If you love your spouse and your kids, you need to sort things out for them. An experienced bankruptcy lawyer in Pelham, Alabama can be your savior in this case. Here is how you can find them….

Research personal bankruptcy law firms in Pelham, Alabama

A local bankruptcy attorney with past successful experience in handling personal insolvency cases is the need of the hour. However, there are several lawyers working in the area, and finding one is extremely difficult unless you ask for recommendations from your acquaintances, family members, and friends. There is a possibility that someone in your circle must have needed the services of a bankruptcy lawyer. You could ask them for their experience with respect to the case result and the attorney’s response and behavior regarding their financial troubles.

Know about the different personal bankruptcy chapters

Bankruptcy can be filed under Chapter 7 or chapter 13. In Chapter 7, you typically do not have to pay any debt, however, your non-exempt property might be liquidated to clear some of your dues. In the case of chapter 13, a repayment plan is developed by your attorney which is then approved by Pelham, Alabama bankruptcy court. Through this plan, your creditors are repaid using your disposable income. You will get to know more about these in detail during the discovery meeting.

What do you need to pay to get rid of debts in Pelham, Alabama?

Since money is the root cause of your problems, finding out the cost of a bankruptcy filing in Pelham, Alabama is important. Surprisingly, there is no fixed fee that lawyers charge for handling your bankruptcy case. It is therefore important to get as many quotes as possible from your shortlisted bankruptcy law firms. The cost of bankruptcy depends on the chapter of bankruptcy you are filing for, whether your case involves repossession or foreclosure, the court, city, and state you are filing in, etc. Apart from the lawyer’s fee, you also need to pay for court and counseling charges.

How can a discovery meeting help you?

Once you have reduced the list of lawyers based on experience, results, and affordability you need to meet them. The discovery meeting is offered free of charge by most bankruptcy law firms. You can sort through your shortlisted law firms to finalize one who would help you get rid of your debts. Being prepared for the meeting is vital. Thus, having a list of questions prepared before the meeting can be helpful.

Use this meeting to find out more about the working of the law firm and the bankruptcy process. Does the lawyer have time to handle your case? How much time it will take to get a meeting with them? Are the paralegals well versed with bankruptcy laws and the nuances of your case?You should be aware of your rights as a consumer. Keep in mind that you are under no compulsion to hire the lawyers based on the discovery meeting. If you are satisfied with the meeting and are comfortable with the lawyer, you can sign the contract to ensure you are debt-free.

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