Considering Bankruptcy To Get Rid of Debts? Here are Things You Should Remember

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Considering Bankruptcy To Get Rid of Debts? Here are Things You Should Remember

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If you have been struggling with financial problems for long, bankruptcy can be the way out of the financial mess. It might ideally not be your chosen way to rebuild credit, but it sure does give you a fresh economic start which you deserve. However, due to the numerous myths associated with the bankruptcy filing, people are often worried if it is the best way to go ahead. To clear doubts, lawyers of Los Angeles based bankruptcy law firm Recovery Law Group point out the circumstances where bankruptcy can be beneficial:

  • You are facing repossession or foreclosure on your property
  • A major portion of your debts is due to unsecured debts (medical bills, credit card debt, personal loan, )
  • Have taken secured debts like a second mortgage, tax liens, etc.
  • Are being constantly harassed by debt collectors
  • Are facing wage garnishment
  • Have had bank accounts frozen
  • Have a judgment lawsuit filed against you

Though, bankruptcy is a difficult process to understand, having experienced bankruptcy lawyers by your side can make a huge amount of difference. In case you wish to consult with professionals regarding your case you can call 888-297-6023. While contemplating bankruptcy, it is important to keep certain factors in mind:

  • Using credit card before filing for bankruptcy

Since unsecured debts are discharged in bankruptcy, people think it is okay to use their credit card to the maximum credit before they file for bankruptcy. However, when you file for bankruptcy, your charges of up to six months prior to bankruptcy filing are studied. In case it is found that charges were added to the credit card with no intentions of paying back, creditors can challenge the inclusion and subsequent discharge of the debt. Thus, you might end up owing money to credit card companies despite bankruptcy discharge.

  • Excluding an income source

Many people have multiple sources of income; however, they might not count some of them as part of the household income. This mistake could prove costly as it might be considered a way of concealing income when you file for bankruptcy. Any income, no matter how minor, should be included in household income while filing for bankruptcy if you wish to get a bankruptcy discharge.

  • Avoid forging your way

Sometimes, in a desperate bid to get rid of your debts, people try to hide their assets or income to qualify for a certain chapter of bankruptcy. However, bankruptcy trustee going through the entire documents accompanying your petition is bound to come up with the facts. In case you have committed any fraud or forgery, your case will be dismissed, and you might be barred from filing for bankruptcy again. It is therefore prudent to be honest while providing information during bankruptcy.

  • Filing without an attorney

Bankruptcy is a typical process which takes years of practice to master. Though people can file for bankruptcy without a lawyer too, it is not advisable as the process is quite complex. Discussing your case with experienced attorneys is important to know which option of bankruptcy would be ideal for your situation.

If you have been struggling with finances for a long time, it is important that you seek the advice of professionals. Bankruptcy lawyers Los Angeles can help you get over financial problems by suggesting the best way out.