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Recovery Law Group Claim to Be a Better Pick as Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney Firm?

This Austin TX based chapter 7 bankruptcy firm, viz. Recovery Law Group, has been helping corporations, families, individuals, and small business owners with formidable financial crisis for years now. We take pride in our elongated experience, resources and skills to assist you, irrespective of how intricate your situation is.

Affordable Bankruptcy Austin TX Services

Chapter 7, otherwise known as liquidation, belongs in the most common type of bankruptcies in the United States of America. Chapter 7 is a good option when you are over your head in debt. Filing for this bankruptcy type creates chance to protect some of your assets. We put our most experienced and well-reviewed attorney to take care of all your financial records, so to evaluate the bankruptcy petition. It becomes our sheer responsibility to verify whether or not the information provided to the court are accurate.

Providing you have not attained any Chapter 7 discharge in the past few years and based on your income and the state of your debts, you are eligible to file for it. Although the process typically takes 4 to 6 months, Chapter 7 allows you to give off your credit card debts, medical bills, judgments, and a few other debt types, thus you can move on with your live without losing your assets.

Asset Protection In Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

As it gets clear that filing for bankruptcy must occur providing your financial crisis, ‘when is the best time to file’ arises as the next question. Wajda & Associates carefully weigh all your legal issues, financial challenges and facts of the case, so to ensure the best outcome. Because we have a prudent approach, except for a few rare cases where clients did know in advance of the uncertain future, yet chose to proceed anyway, Wajda & Associates takes pride in its line of 99.9% successful cases.

Affordable Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Austin TX Fee Plans

Chapter 7 attorneys at Recovery Law Group are steadfast about delivering innovative and aggressive bankruptcy solutions for affordable fees. Our fee plan is innovative that enables us to roll legal services for a monthly fee, further allowing you to perfect your costs and plan your monthly expense to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Why Should You Even Contact A Full-Time Bankruptcy Attorney Firm, When A Debt Relief Agency Could Have Been A Cheaper Option?

Bankruptcy attorneys at Wajda & Associates will recommend you ‘bankruptcy’ only when it is the right tool for your financial circumstance. However, in most debt cases, businesses and families choose to file for bankruptcy as this is the only best option left if you are unable to pay debts as you’re covering obligations such as food, shelter and retirement.

Because we have vast experience as Austin TX bankruptcy attorneys, we have a lot of patrons who first had tried debt negotiation or credit card repair agencies, but did not find them an option worth trying. All these debt relief agencies often come up with half-baked promises. Many-a-time, they just collect the fee and smoothly recede form your view.

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