California Exemptions For Bankruptcy

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California Exemptions For Bankruptcy

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If you are a resident of California and thinking about bankruptcy, you need to be aware of a term called an exemption. An exemption is your shield during bankruptcy to prevent your assets from liquidation. Bankruptcy filers are mandated by a few states to use the state-only exemption while some states make room for using either state exemption rules or the federal one. California belongs to the first category, where the filers need to use state-specific exemption codes while filing bankruptcy. Know more about bankruptcy, and state rules on

Code 703

The California exemptions are found under section 703.140. Hence, it is also referred to as 703 California or Code 703. To be eligible to use this section, one must have been resided in CA for at least 546 days. The exemptions under code 703 must be indicated on schedule C of the bankruptcy forms. The exemptions are updated every 3 years based on inflation, cost of living, and other parameters affecting living conditions.

Different exemptions and the ceiling

Under code 703, a California resident filer can avail of the following exemptions that have a threshold or a limit that has been last updated based on April 2019 announced ceilings-

  • Home

The very first exemption listed under code 703 is home, which allows an exemption of about $29,275 in your interest for a personal home. This exemption can only be used in residential homes and it might have dependents staying over or part-owned property as well.

  • Car or any other vehicle

An exemption of $5,850 in total is provided to secure one or more vehicles.

  • Household goods and furniture

A blanket amount of $725 is provided as an exemption for clothes, books, appliances, household goods, furniture, and more if you do not exhaust the $725 limit. The items mentioned must be of basic need and should be used by the filer or dependent use only.

  • Jewelry

Any jewelry personal or family or household use of the filer and its dependents is exempt up to $1,750.

  • Trade tools

Any tools used during profession or trade by the bankruptcy filer can receive exemption as well. The ceiling for the same is $8,725. The requirement is that such tools shall be used in ordinary course of performing professional service.

  • Life insurance

An interest in an unmatured life insurance policy can be exempted up to an amount of $15,650. This includes any aggregate interest or dividends accrued on the life insurance.

  • 100% exemption

Some amounts or assets can receive a 100% exemption. These may be health aids, social security benefits, local public assistance, disability benefits, unemployment comp, veteran benefits, retirement account, some traceable properties, etc. These might have some exceptions or some terms and conditions as well to qualify for full exemption. The assistance of an attorney can prove extremely fruitful in availing of maximum exemption. Dial 888-297-6203 now to avail best attorneys from Los Angeles & Dallas, TX.

  • Wildcard exemption

As the name suggests this is an additional exemption of $1,550 that can be clubbed with any other exemption to safeguard assets or even cash.

Overall, bankruptcy exemptions provide a very necessary shield to the bankruptcy filer and a filer can start off with a clean slate with some of the very essential assets. The role of an attorney is key in identifying the exemptions, using them, as well as indicating the same in the bankruptcy forms. Hence, don’t think twice before dialing 888-297-6203 to get your best attorney now.