Business Recovery Through Bankruptcy is Possible

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Business Recovery Through Bankruptcy is Possible

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In a time when the economy is struggling everywhere, it is not uncommon to find that many small businesses find it hard to stay afloat. Any change in customs duties, fluctuation in prices can send the cost escalating which cuts into the profit margin. Moreover, the high-interest rate can be a huge reason for the escalating debt of small business owners. If you find yourself struggling to manage the finances of your business, it is time to consider bankruptcy as a way out, say Los Angeles based bankruptcy law firm Recovery Law Group lawyers.

Though Chapter 7 bankruptcy is usually used by individuals to get rid of their debts, this option is available for small business owners too. Filing for bankruptcy under this chapter not only helps get rid of your debts but also provides financial freedom. Other benefits associated with this bankruptcy chapter include:

  • You can continue operating your business despite filing for bankruptcy. This chapter provides a discharge of unsecured debts within 3-6 months of filing. Since most property is protected through exemptions, you might not lose any assets while getting rid of your debt burden.
  • If you are a sole proprietor of the business, filing for bankruptcy and getting subsequent discharge will allow you to get increased cash flow. This can be invested in the business to be used for the growth of the company.
  • All personal unsecured debt including credit card bills, medical bills and overdue utility bills can be discharged through bankruptcy.

However, before jumping the gun, it is important that you seek consultation with experienced bankruptcy attorneys Los Angeles at 888-297-6023. They can ensure that all the paperwork is in order and that you get the fresh start that could help be the foundation stone of a successful enterprise.