Bankruptcy Hits Star Trek Superfan!

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Bankruptcy Hits Star Trek Superfan!

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The Star Trek series has acquired legions of fans across the globe. Being inspired by the series, a Star Trek superfan, Tony Alleyne converted his apartment in the UK into a mock set of the Starship Voyager. Though it may seem eccentric, it was apparently a smart business decision. He hoped to attract other Star Trek fans to hire him as a decorator for their homes. Unfortunately, the business decision did not attract many clients and Tony ended up incurring a huge debt of £100,000. Since he had maxed out his 14 credit cards working on his pet project, he had to file for bankruptcy.

Even though the interior of his house was exactly like the ship featured in the Star Trek Series, Tony couldn’t help in saving his home. His apartment, listed on eBay, however, fetched him far more than the expected value (£425,000). Lawyers of Dallas based bankruptcy law firm Recovery Law Group inform that many times people end up filing for bankruptcy because of failure in business. Though Tony’s business plan sounds weird, but it cost him merely £130,000 to convert his home into Starship Voyager. He still ended up making a profit of £295,000! Even a single client’s home conversion would have landed him an annual salary more than that of the UK Prime Minister! This is something to consider and motivate other bankruptcy filers that life can be started again despite hitting a financial roadblock. To know more about your options during bankruptcy, you can call 888-297-6023 to consult experienced bankruptcy lawyers.